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Chacha Frederika, calmer after wearing hijab


IO, Jakarta -Gorgeous Artist Chacha Frederica looks more elegant after deciding to wear Muslim attire. After being under the veil, she felt more comfortable and calmer. How is that so?

Chacha Frederica looked beautiful with hijab at the launching event of artist Shandy Aulia’s cosmetics on May 30, 2018 with a soft color hijab. After being veiled Chacha felt calmer, happier and more comfortable. She also became more aware of who she is and knows better what she wants.

Chacha’s veiled decision was considered by her 3 years ago when she went for Umrah. She feels comfortable during Umrah with more covered and syar’i clothes. Chacha felt at ease especially, while in Jerusalem for 3-4 days. While in the same city, claimed by Palestinians and Israelis, Chacha felt what the Palestinians felt.

Big changes made by Chacha was warmly welcomed by the community, including fellow artists. Indeed, Chacha never told about her decision to go under the veil to her fellow members of Girls Squad.

Many of her colleagues pray for her to remain istiqamah. Chacha’s colleagues at Girls Squad are also hoping that despite her covering herself and with more religious clothing, Chacha has not changed in terms of personality.

Chacha’s verdict was quite shocking to members of the Girls Squad as Chacha became the first member to appear with a hijab among Girls Squad members. Nevertheless, as her friends they continue to support Chacha’s decision to wear hijab.

Some time ago there were rumors that Chacha quit the Girls Squad, but Chacha denied it. Since she wore a hijab she still remained with the Girls Squad. “Girls Squad’s friends are doing fine, they all support me as long as it is in a positive direction. Seeing me wearing hijab my friends are happy, and they said that this is what you want and it isn’t for anyone. Yes, this is what I want. All this time I want their support, as it is important not to have been influenced by anyone, but mainly because of my own wish and desire, “explained Chacha.

She confirmed that the rumors of her quitting the girls squad was not true, and they are still in good term. During the month of Ramadan, ChaCha also met with her colleagues in girls squad in the midst of the members hectic schedule. “I an stil friends with girls squad, we always keep in touch via WhatsApp with one another, miss each other. It’s only because we have our own busy routines, so, it’s hard to make time and meet all of them, and we only meet two or three members,” she said.

Although she has been wearing hijab, ChaCha pays attention to facial appearance by wearing makeup with a more natural look. With her new look wearing hijab, ChaCha also tries to explore fashion trends in dreasing to look more stylish. She argues make up can also be used by women who wear veil depending on her intention. “Is it the intention to attract attention or to cover something that may not be seen, it all depends on the intention,” she said.

If previously she often dressed as it is, now Chacha’s appearance looks more elegant. ChaCha looks charming and more stylish after wearing hijab, moreover, coupled with flawless makeup. Matching her outfit colours with pastel adds to her appearance, making ChaCha look fresh. (ekawati)


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