Ceria Hotel Yogyakarta official opening, in October 2022

ceria hotel
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Yogyakarta, IO – A homey atmosphere is a characteristic that makes it different from most hotels. Various beautiful ornamental plants make the atmosphere of this hotel more comfortable. Attractive first impressions will be felt by guests when they enter the LOBBY and SELASAR LOUNGE rooms. The beauty of an ART DECO design touch adorns this hotel from various angles. 

Another unique aspect of the concept of the building is its three pavilions, each consisting of 4 Deluxe rooms, so that guests can enjoy a private living room when staying with family or colleagues. 

“We offer a relaxing and enjoyable stay for every traveler who wants to feel the atmosphere of Yogyakarta,” said Nanang Mardiono, General Manager. 

Ceria Hotel @Alun alun Yogyakarta has 15 rooms that offer a touch of architectural art deco. Guests will feel the aroma of a fragrant and fresh room the first time they enter it. Modern facilities with an Android TV are available to pamper guests accessing YouTube and Netflix in the bedroom. A clean bathroom with shower facilities equipped with hot and cold water will refresh guests after a day of activities. 

This hotel provides a la carte food for breakfast every day, with a taste that makes guests feel welcome and comfortable. Various menu choices, namely American Breakfast, Tuna Sandwich, Ceria Fried Rice, Ceria Fried Noodles and Chicken Soto are among the favorites of guests. If they venture to try a typical Jogja dish, namely, GUDEG, they can find it at the Wijilan Gudeg Center, which is only a 5-minute walk from the hotel.