Celebrating 60th anniversary, poet Joko Pinurbo launched 60 poems

Joko Pinurbo
Poet Joko Pinurbo. (Source: Republika

Jakarta, IO – Born in Yogyakarta on May 11, 1962, Joko Pinurbo (Jokpin) is known as a poet who has his own distinct style and character in the scene of Indonesian poetry.

His has pursued his passion for poetry since he was in high school. The graduate of Teacher Training and Education Institute (now Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta) has just launched a new poetry book entitled Epigram 60.

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“Epigram 60 was released to coincide with my 60th birthday. There are 60 poems in total,” said Jokpin at the hybrid launch event on Monday (16/5).

Jokpin’s poems are known for their blend of narration, humor, and irony. He is known to be good at using and processing images that refer to everyday events and objects with fluid but sharp language.