Celebrating 30 years of “The Wonderful World of Printing”

(left to right): Donny BP, Chairperson of Bintang Sempurna’s Fantastic 30th, and Laurensius Candra, Director of PT Bintang Sempurna. (photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – Technology is a “big trigger” in the digital printing busi­ness, one whose market demand for print visual communication products is quite high. PT Bintang Sempurna Group has 30 years of experience in the printing industry, answering dynamic conditions in the market by continuing to perfect products and services with the sup­port of experts and the latest tech­nology.

Marking the success achieved on its 30th birthday, Bintang Sempur­na today held “The Wonderful World of Printing” an Open House at Balai Kartini, supported by dozens of na­tional and multinational companies and five partners: Friends of MS­MEs, Binus University, DKV-UMN, Trisakti School of Multimedia, and LaSalle College Jakarta.

To date, general public knowl­edge of printing is limited to com­modity printing with bulky types of work. By holding an open house, Bintang Sempurna introduces to the public and industry advances in printing technology which are now able to offer a variety of choices for specialized user needs.

“We hope that this Open House initiative can increase awareness of all stakeholders related to printing developments and innovations and the solutions available at PT Bintang Sempurna Group,” declared Donny, Chairperson of Bintang Sempurna’s Fantastic 30th.

Thirty years ago, capitalizing on conventional print, document services and technical blueprints, Chandra Bong established Bintang Sempurna photocopying and print service shop, located in Bendungan Hilir, a business center area Central Jakarta.

Laurensius Candra, Director of PT Bintang Sempurna said: “Ad­vances in technology create new opportunities that change con­sumer behavior; this requires us to continue to innovate to serve well – even to deliver results that exceed customer expectations”.

He added “Bintang Sempurna Group continues to keep abreast of developments in the printing busi­ness through investment in high-tech printing equipment, in terms of both software and hardware. We also regularly attend international exhibitions and collaborate with national and international print associations.”

Over time, Bintang Sempurna now has expanded into three oth­er branches: STAR Copy & Print­ing, HIQ, and Perfect. Its products and services cover the B2B sector in various industries and MSMEs; B2C serves the creative segment and walk-in customers. Most recently, Bintang Sempurna penetrated the B2B2C sec­tor through a reseller platform.

The development of Bintang Sempurna’s service products, which began as a photocopy and print service, has now expanded to more than ten other services: Print On Demand, Offset Print, Document Service, Large Format – Fine Art Print, Large Format – Sign & Display Print, Large Outdoor Print Format, Finishing Document, Large Format Finishing, Rigid Media Finishing, Packaging Solutions – Merchandise & Apparel.