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Celebrating 10th anniversary of NOAH


NOAH – DEKADE EXPERIENCE will be held on Saturday, September 17 (Source: instagram @noah_site)

A glimpse of NOAH’s journey with New Live Entertainment highlighted NOAH’s achievement where in 2012 they managed to make a splash in Indonesian music scene by becoming the first Indonesian music group to be able to perform in five countries and two continents in one day starting from Melbourne, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Jakarta. This was followed by the release of Silent Concert and Awal Semula The Movie in 2013, NOAH at @ProjectX in 2019 and NOAH Monochrome performed at Love Festival in 2019.

NOAH currently consists of three permanent members — Nazril Irham (Ariel), Lukman Hakim and David Kurnia Albert. In 2015 they managed to sell 9 million albums in Indonesia, while in 2021 they released the album “Taman Langit” which instantly trended on many music platforms and YouTube.

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Dino Hamid, founder and creative director of New Live Entertainment, said NOAH career is an important journey for New Live Entertainment. “We want to make this special event a memorable one, with the hybrid concept this will certainly offer an extraordinary experience,” he enthused.


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