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In the past week, Mount Merapi spews lava 13 times

The Geological Disaster Technology Research and Development Center (BPPTKG) head Agus Budi Santoso said Mount Merapi which borders Central Java and Yogyakarta spewed lava 13 times during observations from September 9-15.

After 16 years, Rafflesia blooms outside its habitat for the first time

Rafflesia arnoldi, commonly known as the corpse flower or giant padma, blooms outside its habitat for the first time. The gigantic flower, native to Sumatra is blooming in Bogor Botanical Gardens.

Police: Ice seller in Madiun is Bjorka’s member, named suspect but not detained

National Police (Polri) spokesperson Chief Commissioner Ade Yaya Suryana said Polri has formally named Muhammad Agung Hiyatullah (21), an ice seller from Madiun, East Java, as a suspect but he was not detained.

Police releases ice seller thought to be wanted hacker

Local police releases Muhammad Agung Hidayatullah (21), a young man who was arrested by the cybercrime team of the National Police headquarters on suspicion that he is the hacker called Bjorka.

A picture of a foreign tourist peeing on sacred Mount Bromo draws ire on social media

Recently, Indonesian netizens were angered by the insolent behavior of a bule (a local term for Caucasian) urinating on peak of Mount Bromo. The picture was first posted by Instagram handle which was later deleted but reposted by

After offending the army, Effendi Simbolon said he receives threat

House Commission I member Effendi Simbolon said he has received many threats on his phone after making offensive remark about the army.

Jokowi will not attend UNGA, international politics expert: loss of momentum

President Joko Widodo was unable to attend the UN General Assembly (UNGA) in New York, from September 12-27. Jokowi’s absence raised several questions regarding Indonesia’s role in global arena.

South Korean national tries to jump from 8th floor of an apartment in apparent suicide attempt

A South Korean citizen tried to jump from an eight floor of an apartment in Kembangan, West Jakarta, Wednesday (14/9). However, firefighters from the Kembangan fire station foiled his attempt.

Ice seller in Madiun nabbed on suspicion he is Bjorka the hacker

A young man who sells ice in Madiun was arrested and secured at the Madiun Police Department, Wednesday (14/9) night. The man is suspected to be Bjorka, the hacker who has been hacking a number of government database and sell personal citizenship data on the dark web.

Instead of tracking Bjorka, IT expert tells govt to strengthen cyber security

Ridi Ferdiana, IT expert from Gadjah Mada University (UGM) advised the government to focus on strengthening cyber security rather than tracking a hacker who call him/herself Bjorka.

Deemed disruptive to Jakarta development, City Council Speaker threatens to disband TGUPP

Jakarta Regional Legislative Council (DPRD) Speaker Prasetio Edi Marsudi plans to disband the controversial Governor’s Team for Development Acceleration (TGUPP) as Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan ended his term. Prasetio is of the view that the existence of TGUPP results in the capital city’s chaotic development.

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