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Casa Creative Pro for fashion business newcomers


JAKARTA, IO – The fashion business is an ocean of red! A new fashion business will quickly perish before it starts establishing its name. Worry no more, as Casa Creativa Pro is here to help. A famous Muslim fashion designer, Fia Prasetyahadi, and her best friend, Amanda Sotya Rusli, are the geniuses behind the fashion production house Casa Creativa Pro. “We built this company to help the fashion MSME businesses with excellent products but by no means to promote the products. We help fashion MSMEs to grow their businesses,” said Fia.

The CEO and Founder of Casa Creativa Pro, Fia Prasetyahadi, and Co-Founder and Chief of Product Development, Amanda Sotya Rusli, said they intended to help teach novice entrepreneurs to own a brand. 

“We teach them from scratch. From designing, cutting, and producing to selling the product. Casa Creativa will also educate them in ways to become independent entrepreneurs,” said Fia. “We have prepared a store at FX Sudirman for fashion business entrepreneurs who are ready with their brands, so Casa Creativa is a house of creativity. Our vision and mission are to nourish talented and creative young people with no financial means or other support,” said Amanda. 

Fia regrets that many talented young people and their products are left unnoticed. “Casa Creativa Pro will be a platform to recognize and acknowledge their creativity,” explained Fia, during PT. Casa Creativa Pro grand launching and press conference at Olpops Café, Ampera Raya, South Jakarta, Wednesday (12/28/2022).

As a fashion designer for the last decade, Fia realizes that brilliant fashion products without effective marketing are often overlooked, resulting in poor sales. 


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