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Caribou Coffee; A famous coffee shop providing the needs of locals in Jakarta


IO, Jakarta – Coffee lovers in Jakarta can now enjoy a special blend of Cari­bou Coffee. The leading US coffee house has officially opened its first outlet in Senopati area in 2015. Caribou Coffee is the first coffee house network in the United States that provides 100% coffee and espresso from Rainforest Alliance certified coffee plantations founded in 1992 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Af­ter having 220 international franchise outlets in 11 countries, Caribou Coffee chose Indonesia as the 12th country and the first country in Southeast Asia to open its newest outlet. Mike Tatters­field as Chief Executive Officer of Cari­bou Coffee said he was very enthusias­tic about the opening of this outlet. “The Jakarta community has a strong spirit of togetherness and enjoys every mo­ment of its life. This spirit really reflects Caribou Coffee, “Mike said.

On the same occasion, Global Roast­master Nate Hrobak and Coffee Expert Vanda Puspa shared stories about their visit to North Sumatra to find the best Arabica coffee beans used by Caribou Coffee.

“Coffee processing in North Suma­tra is unique and different from other regions. Usually the epidermis is re­moved when the coffee beans are dry, but there the epidermis is removed when it is not too dry. Coffee beans are also dried again. This makes the taste of North Sumatra coffee richer, “said Vanda.

Vanda added that North Sumatra coffee has a herbal, earthy, and spicy taste when brewed. Besides espresso from North Sumatra coffee, Caribou Coffee also offers espresso-based clas­sic drinks such as Mocha, Cappuccino and Latte. Some of their flagship drinks are Campfire Mocha, Turtle Mocha, Va­nilla White Mocha, and Caramel High Rice made from a blend of Cross Fox espresso blend original chocolate.

“The use of real chocolate also char­acterizes Caribou Coffee signature drinks. For cold drinks, we use liquid chocolate. Whilst, hot drinks we use chocolate bars heated with milk,” said one of the baristas.

Not only drinks, here, unique com­plementary foods such as bagels, arti­sanal sandwiches, and cakes are also available.

Not only drinks, unique complementary foods such as bagels, artisanal sandwiches, and
cakes are also available here. (photo: IO/Aldo)

“Our bagels and scones are fresh every day at stores to ensure the best quality,” said Mehdi Zaidi from the Food & Beverages Division at Mahadya Group, Caribou Coffee partner in Indo­nesia. Coffee shops carrying the slogan ‘Life is Short. Stay Awake for It’ is locat­ed at Jalan Senopati Number 52, South Jakarta and in 2017 has succeeded in opening other outlets in the Sarinah, Central Jakarta area and in Kuningan, South Jakarta area.

As one of the coffee shops serving the needs of the Jakarta locals, the Independent Observer recommends Cari­bou Coffee as one of the places that you can visit on the sidelines of the crowded activities of your office in the capital city of Jakarta.  (Aldo)


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