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Cape Bira Beach – hot times in the south of SouthSulawesi


IO – East Indonesia has long been known for its rich and diverse marine life. One of the most-admired locations is Cape Bira Beach, today one of the top South Sulawesi’s top spots for local and foreign tourists – who when they first see it are all taken aback by its beauty. Cape Bira is located in South Sulawesi, specifically in the Bulukumba Regency, 200 km from Sulawesi’s capital Makassar, putting it in the southernmost area of South Sulawesi. Cape Bira offers a beautiful view with white beaches, undersea marvels, and exquisite sunsets and sunrises.

As the water in Cape Bira is on the high seas, its beauty won’t be found elsewhere, especially in Indonesia. Another unique aspect of Cape Bira is its extremely fine, almost flour-like sand. Not many beaches have such uniquely textured sand. The Cape Bira waters also have three color layers which can be seen from afar. Its beaches are also clean and comfortable, a far cry from the busy beaches in Bali or Lombok, meaning you will be able to get proper rest and relaxation during your stay.

Many tourists visit just to partake in snorkeling and diving, as the underwater scenery and wildlife are nearly unrivaled in Indonesia. Tourists can also rent boats to tour the surrounding waters and islands for Rp 300 thousand. Apart from its beautiful seas and beaches, Sulawesi is also known for its woodcrafts and phinisi ships. Here you can find phinisi ships built by wood craftsman and residents. Phinisi ships, which have been with Indonesia for centuries, are already recognized internationally. To reach the beach of Cape Bira, start off from Bulukumba, which is around 40 km away, or from Makassar which is around 200 km away. If you are flying to Jakarta, you will be traveling through Makassar.

Once you arrive in Makassar, you can use public transportation to reach Bulukumba for Rp 40,000 per person. From Bulukumba, public transportation, called pete-pete, takes you to Cape Bira for Rp 15,000 per person. However, you can also rent a private car in Bulukumba if you prefer. It only takes around 30 minutes to an hour to travel from Bulukumba to Cape Bira. From Makassar to Cape Bira it takes approximately 4-5 hours. You won’t have to worry about being bored, however, as the view during your trip will be breathtaking.

An additional fee of Rp 10,000 per person will be charged for local tourists and Rp 20,00 per person for international tourists who wish to enter Cape Bira Beach. Other than the beautiful seas and beaches, there are also other facilities you can take advantage of in Cape Bira. There are diving equipment rentals if you are interested in purveying the undersea landscape, and if you wish to save some money on your trip, you can board at a homestay near the beach. If you are traveling with your family or just want extra comfort, you can also rent a villa or bungalow with a view of the sea. (Aldo)


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