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Cancer survivor Sam Lewis makes history as the first beauty queen with one breast


Mrs Elite Global Earth United Kingdom 2018
(Source: Facebook/Mrs Elite Global Earth United Kingdom 2018)

Because of her busy activities, Lewis postponed to have it examined. Eventually doctor told her than they found three lumps and Lewis had stage two breast cancer.

“I was devastated,” she admitted. “My kids were just nine, six and one year old at the time. I didn’t even know if I would be still there for them in a year’s time. The thought of never seeing my grandchildren nearly killed me.”

After a period of intense pressure, Lewis mustered her competitive spirit. She joined beauty contests as a way to confront her fear. “I said to myself, ‘I had three kids and only one breast, how could I possibly go on stage and compete with all those beauties?’ But as soon as I said that, I knew I needed to do something about my lack of confidence and try to fix it,” she recalled.

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In her inaugural contest Miss British Empire 2018, Lewis came in second. “I still had short hair from my cancer treatment so I put on a wig and went for the interview. The director asked me to take my wig off and two weeks later I ended up in the final,” she said.

Lewis won Mrs Elite Global Earth in 2019. Further victory came in the role model category at home in the Royal International Miss UK competition in February 2021, when she became the first woman to triumph after a mastectomy. Representing the UK, she also won the international spokeswoman section in Florida in July. (rr)


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