Calvin Jeremy, Artist: Likes new challenges

Calvin Jeremy hopes to finish his Master’s Degree before his 30th birthday. (photo: IO/Ekawati)

IO – This 28-year-old artist isn’t just known as a singer. He is also an actor and has a creative production business. Calvin first hit the spotlight after he released his album Selamanya (Forever) in 2010 with hits such as Dua Cinta Satu Hati (Two Loves One Heart), Maaf (Sorry), Wanita Tak Biasa (Special Women). IN 2012, he released his second album with hit singles Berdua (Both Together), Terindah (Most Beautiful), and Sumpahku (My Oath).

“In 2014, my contract with Universal Music Indonesia ran out. I then decided to go independent by setting up my own management. In 2014, I successfully released the first single titled Ada Untukmu (There For You) working together with the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs so I could make the music video in the Netherlands,” he said during the launch event of the original Doraemon Kachi-Kochi DVD, Wednesday (24/7/2019).

In 2015, Calvin started a new challenge when he received the opportunity to join the production of The Freaks, produced by Agnes Monica and participated in by Aliando Syarief, Teuku Rassya and Nikita Willy. “We have one album and from my market became different, from music lovers to a wider audience. Finally, in 2015 to 2017 I kept releasing singles. In 2018, I released a third album titled Nostalgia. In this album both singles’ music videos were made in Korea and titled Nostalgia and Alright,” he explained.

The artist then received a change to play in a 2018 film titled Terlalu Tampan (Too Handsome) which also features Nikita Willy. IN early 2019, the film was released and was received well, with over 350,000 tickets sold. “Now many know me as a musician and an actor, while I’m young I do them all,” said Calvin, who is taking his Master’s in September.

Calvin wants his work and presence to have a positive impact on his musician and artist friends. He believes there are many young talents that are appearing and he hopes they can learn from his experience. “It took 10 years for Calvin Jeremy to be in this position now, playing music, playing in films, being a content creator, and studying for his Master’s. Maybe from the experience I give to my juniors, they can do that in just 3-4 years,” he said smiling.

The Master’s Degree Calvin is taking for 18 months and hopes to be finished before his 30th birthday. “I feel there will be new thing which await me later. I always say to myself if from Friday to Sunday there is a performance, I become a superstar on the stage, but Monday to Friday I am a normal person because I go to work, meet clients and work together for joint activities and do it happily,” he explained (eka)