Cadbury Launches Special “Expressions of the Heart” Package

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – Expressing feelings in words (both spoken and written) is the simplest way to show affection. However, it turns out that not everyone can do so easily. Understanding this and coinciding with the momentum of Valentine’s Day, Cadbury inspires everyone to express unspoken words of love to their partners by launching a special “Expression of the Heart” package, as well as inviting the public to jointly break the Indonesian Museum of Records (MURI) record with a new one: the Largest Collection of Heart Expressions through Social Media which can be searched on the Instagram platform, with the hashtag #100kUngkapanHatiCadbury. 

Rachel Angelina, Head of Chocolate Mondelez Indonesia, explained how the launch of this special package was part of a campaign entitled “Unveil the Heart” which is also in collaboration with TigaGenerasi Psychology Consultation House and NKCTHI. “Cadbury realizes that not all couples in Indonesia are accustomed to expressing their feelings directly; in fact, many still feel awkward or shy. Therefore, the presence of Cadbury with this special packaging is expected to be an option to apply the language of love to interpret gifts from the heart with a creamy and classic delicacy to be presented as a Valentine’s gift to your partner,” explained Rachel. 

“This is in line with the results of collaborative research between Cadbury and the TigaGenerasi Psychology Consulting House, which revealed that as many as 78% of respondents realized that ensuring affection for their partner was necessary. However, unfortunately, 63% of respondents find it difficult to express their feelings. As many as 45% of respondents chose not to reveal their hearts to their partners,” added Rachel. 

Psychologist & Co-founder of TigaGenerasi, Saskhya Aulia Prima M.Psi explained how in both romantic and family relationships, expressing affection for your partner is very important to improve the quality and satisfaction of the relationship. In addition, expressing feelings is also very helpful to increase a sense of security and comfort, which helps reduce stress, especially during a pandemic like this, when the space for movement and expression is sometimes limited. 

It’s just that in terms of the way of delivery differences depend on each individual. “There are several reasons that can make a partner feel embarrassed or proud in expressing feelings, including fear of rejection and responses that are not as expected, thinking that a partner can read minds, and also not culturally accustomed to expressing affection,” explained Saskhya. 

“There are 5 ‘love languages’ that are well-known in the community, namely, giving quality time, praise (words of affirmation), service (acts of service), gifts, or physical touch. The expression of affection for a partner can be done by combining several languages of love, for example, giving a small gift accompanied by words of affection or massage while praising and thanking them for working hard for the family when the couple is tired of working, is an example of combining several love languages that the couple should be able to do,” added Saskhya. 

In line with Saskhya’s statement, Marchella FP as the author of the book NKCTHI (Later, We’ll Tell About Today) explained how sometimes we think that our partner can read our minds. In fact, not all partners can do so, unless something is clearly stated. So, expressing feelings is very important, compared to keeping them in your heart. “The taste is like a plant, it must be cared for and maintained. When not married, expressing feelings in words may happen more often, because we are still at a stage of getting to know each other. However, once married, some people sometimes start to feel used to the presence of a partner, and forget that verbal recognition is still needed,” explained Marchella. 

This campaign is in line with the consistent purpose of the Cadbury brand, which is to always inspire little kindnesses in everyone. “Cadbury Dairy Milk’s spirit of goodness dates back to 1905, when its founder, John Cadbury, mixed one and a half glasses of milk, instead of one as prescribed, in each chocolate bar; that produced a classic and delicate delicacy that people love until now. The philosophy of one and a half glasses is then embodied in the Cadbury logo, as a symbol of the virtues of kindness and generosity from the Cadbury Dairy Milk brand,” said Rachel. 

“Through this, Cadbury wants to invite people to interpret gifts from the heart, as well as hope that everyone does not hesitate to express their feelings to their partners, so that harmony in relationships can be realized,” Rachel concluded