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By holding workshops in schools, Kalya Mahiya seeks to make the younger generation more familiar with ecoprinting


Kalya, a grade 8 student at Al Izhar JHS Pondok Labu, Jakarta, admitted that there were several obstacles to sharing eco-printing knowledge. “One of the obstacles is growing the focus and interest of different audiences. Eco-printing is a something new for our friends here,” said this 13-year-old girl.

Kalya hopes that a younger generation will appreciate eco-print as artistic creativity and an expression of love for the environment. Dewi Damayanti admitted that she was very happy to teach eco-print-making techniques to 7th-grade students at Muhammadiyah 1 JHS Jakarta.

Dewi also hopes that this workshop will instill a passion for eco-prints. “I hope we will have more people who love and want to develop eco-print products. The more people interested in eco-printing, the more popular Ecoprint will become, which positively impacts the environment,” stated Dewi, convinced of her mission.

Muamar Gaddafi S.S., Principal of Muhammadiyah 1 JHS Jakarta School, emphasized how the workshop was a part of the Merdeka School Curriculum. “Schools in DKI Jakarta have implemented the Merdeka School Curriculum starting this year; it requires students to carry out projects. The project we chose was an eco-print workshop,” said Muamar.

Muhammadiyah 1 JHS Jakarta chose to hold an eco-print workshop as eco-print products have several advantages: they are environmentally-friendly, crafted with easy-to-find production tools, and leave environmentally-friendly waste.
Praveena Ecoprint was the perfect partner to collaborate with for several reasons: Praveena Ecoprint is located close to the school and most importantly, Pravina embodies a young and inspiring teenage student to motivate the participants.

“As a fellow teenager, Pravina would most likely be an inspiring figure as they share the same age,” said Muamar.

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Kalya excels in her academic achievement, dance, and being a teacher for an eco-print workshop. Her figure reminds us of an interesting quote from the leading figure of Indonesian education.

“Ing ngarsa sung tulada, Ing madya mangun karsa, Tut wuri handayani,” which commands genuine educators to set a good example, create initiatives, generate ideas and provide encouragement and direction for their pupils [Ki Hajar Dewantara]

Keep inspiring, Kalya!. (des)


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