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Buton Sultanate fortress built in the 16th century is the largest in the world


Jakarta, IO – Famous for its captivating marine tourism, Buton regency in Southeast Sulawesi has world-class historical sites. One of them is the fortress of the Sultanate of Buton which is still standing even though it has been hundreds of years old.

The structure is named as the largest fortress in the world because it sits on 23,375-hectare area. The fort, located in Limbo Wolio Tourism Village, Murhum district, Baubau City, even received an award from the Indonesian World Record Museum (MURI) and the Guinness Book Record as the largest fort in 2006, reported Kompas, Thursday (18/5).

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According to historical record, the fortress was built in the 16th century by La Sangiji, the third sultan of Buton. He was also known by his official title Sultan Kaimuddin (1591-1596). The fortress was built to protect the palace and settlements. It has 12 gates called Lawa, as well as 16 cannon emplacements called Baluara. (un)


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