Bulog holds a food stabilization operation with Sugar Group Companies

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – The Public Logistics Agency (Bulog) together with Gulaku producers, Sugar Group Companies (SGC) are holding a market operation in the context of food stabilization at 30 points in Jakarta, Banten and Lampung regions, starting March 18, 2020. This is a form of commitment of Sugar Group Companies, together with Bulog, in maintaining a stable supply of food staples for the community, when there are restrictions on movement facing the Covid-19 pandemic. 

In all parts of Jakarta, Banten, and Lampung, sugar from Gulaku is priced at IDR 12,500 per kg, according to the highest retail price (HET) set by the government and far lower than the market price, that touched IDR 18,000 per kg. However, purchases for each consumer are limited to a maximum of 2 kilograms. This restriction is to avoid the practice of speculators who buy large quantities for resale at high prices. 

In Jakarta and Banten, food stabilization events were held in 25 markets and at the Jakarta Bulog Office. Every day, 10 tons of sugar is prepared to meet the needs of 5 operating points. In Lampung Province, this affordable sugar is distributed in 15 districts/cities. 

The Director of SGC, Irwan Ang, said that the company prepared 10 tons of sugar per day to assist this market operation, and was ready to increase supply if the amount was felt to be still lacking. “SGC always has a plan to prepare stocks, including for the fasting month and Eid 2020 so that there is no shortage of sugar in the market, especially during the holidays. SGC is committed to maintaining the availability of basic commodities for the community. If there is a market operation, we will prepare for it,” he said.