Bruising Rupiah slides to Rp15,000

Kurs Mata Uang
Illustration. (Source: Kompas money)

Jakarta, IO – The rupiah has depreciated against the US dollar and briefly touched Rp15,000 per dollar on Monday (4/7), up 0.40 percent or 60 points from yesterday’s closing, Detik Finance reported.

US dollar is trading at the highest level of Rp14,949 and lowest level of Rp14,862. US dollar continued to strengthen against the rupiah by as much as 0.84 percent in the range of Rp14,788 to Rp14,960.

Not only that, the US dollar has moved quite aggressively since the beginning of the year, rising by 4.65 percent and trading between Rp14,189 to Rp14,960. The US dollar also gained against the British pound sterling, Australian dollar, New Zealand dollar, Korean won, and Singapore dollar.

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However, today the US dollar has weakened against the euro, Chinese yuan, Hong Kong dollar, Japanese yen, and Taiwan dollar. Meanwhile, the rupiah weakened against all world currencies. The deepest drop was against the Chinese yuan, euro, Hong Kong dollar and Australian dollar. (irv)