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BRIN forecasts extreme weather to hit Greater Jakarta at the end of the year


Jakarta, IO – Erma Yulihastin, climatologist at the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) said major floods are predicted to hit Greater Jakarta metropolitan area due to extreme weather in the next few days.

“If you live in Greater Jakarta, especially Tangerang or Banten, please be prepared for extreme rain and violent storms on December 28, 2022,” Erma said via her twitter handle @EYulihastin on Tuesday (27/12).

She explained that the storm originates from the sea and will reach the land through two routes, westerly burst and northerly surge. Banten, Jakarta and Bekasi will be hit the hardest from noon to evening, she said.

The squal line, dubbed the “rain highway,” began to form this morning (27/12) from 3am WIB. It will join mesoscale convective storm (MCC) which forms in land with the core of the storm above Banten.


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