Brightspot MRKT “Convergence” now offline at Senayan Park!

Brightspot MRKT

IO – Brightspot Market (BrightspotMRKT) finally held their event at Senayan Park Jakarta, from January 26 to 30, 2022, after successfully being conducted online for over a month. As a pioneer festival of the annual curated-creative industry, the theme for the offline BrightspotMRKT event was “Convergence”, which represents a coexistence between human creativity and technology in the future. The event was also based on the Metaverse concept. Industrial art creators and enthusiasts can all attend the event, providing they have been vaccinated and hold green status in the PeduliLIndungi application. 

As Co-Founder of BrightspotMRKT Anton Wirjono said, “The online BrightspotMRKT executed over a month elicited positive responses from both tenants and visitors. Although the real event was on hold for a month, we believe the offline event will be successful. We were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm shown by both visitors and creative industry sectors from all areas of JABODETABEK (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi, all Jakarta sister cities). We held the event strictly following safety and health protocols,” he explained. 

BrightspotMRKT was sponsored by Traveloka Paylater, Superlive, BINTANG Crystal; with 91 local brands and creators from various creative industry sectors taking part in the event. Fashion, F&B, music, visual communication, product and interior designs. 

In its 12th year, BrightspotMRKT prepared exciting events and attractive offers across three areas: Shopping District (Fashion, Home, Hobbies), Food District, and Art District (NFT Gallery, Commissioned Digital Art, NFT Project). 

Brightspot MRKT

“BrightspotMRKT is one of the creative industry festivals which functions as a motor for creative economy industries and lifestyle. As a lifestyle super app in Southeast Asia, Traveloka became one of the official payment tools with its newest feature, Traveloka PayLater Virtual Card Number. This feature enabled Traveloka PayLater users to maximize their limit to buy products available in the event. Consumers could also visit Traveloka’s booth to activate the PayLater card and have a chance to win interesting vouchers from several lifestyle merchants,” explained the CEO of Traveloka Financial Services, Doan Lingga. 

In collaboration with SuperLive, BrightspotMRKT presented SuperTalks with inspiring youth topics. “BrightspotMRKT shares the same vision with SuperLive, so we are glad to cooperate. Visitors can also experience our 360◦ camera and post it online, choose a prize and buy merchandise from their favorite e-commerce. Last but not least, visitors can see NFT works by Rifky Nugraha as the winner of SuperMusic Dare to be The Next Superstar Season 1 from the Art Category,” Martin Sofian from SuperLive mentioned. 

“BrightspotMRKT arranged the Crystal Chill Lounge for visitors after the shopee spree in the afternoon,” said Jessica Setiawan, Multi Bintang Indonesia Marketing Director. “Visitors can also listen to live DJ while enjoying snacks by Chef William Ghozali and Laughing Table.” 

BrightspotMRKT chose Senayan Park as a holding event partner since the place is highly accessible and occupies a massive space. Senayan Park is famous as the “Entertainment District” for the young market. 

Zipmex brought the crypto world closer to the young through fun and friendly ways. At Crypto Bar, visitors could further study crypto investment from a trusted and secure platform. BrightspotMRKT allotted a special space for crypto and NFT by arranging an NFT Gallery for visitors to buy NFT Collections by local NFT brand creators. As one of the most influential social media, Twitter supported the NFT space. 

Hypefast, as the largest Southeast Asian native brand house of e-commerce, joined to support the local brands in Indonesia. Teamed up with the best native brand e-commerce, Hypefast provided solutions to local brands’ problems which BrightspotMRKT is one of them. 

“We expect BrightspotMRKT Convergence can serve as a platform to join art enthusiasts and art creators, and bring out experience of a distinguished, mesmerizing and curated creative festival. In the end, this event is a projection of our commitment to keep supporting our culture and accelerate creative industry growth,” ended Anton.