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Brawijaya University holds short fiction film competition for students in Java and Bali


IO, Malang – Film as a creative outlet is becoming increasingly attractive for Indonesia’s younger generation. One example of this is the popularity of the Java and Bali short fiction film competition held by Brawijaya University’s “Nol Derajat” (“Zero Degrees”) Student Activity Unit (UKM).

The competition was held in the Brawijaya Movie Day event which celebrated the Dies Natalis of the Nol Derajat UKM. The event posed the theme “Mencari Jati Mencinta Diri” (“Find and love yourself”) and was held on Saturday (29/8/2018). “The goal of Brawijaya Movie Day is to appreciate Indonesian short films and also to be a vehicle for young filmmakers. Here we hope to be able to appreciate Indonesian creations no matter how small,” said Brawijaya Movie Day Chief Executive Muhammad Rifki.

Rifki added that the theme was chosen seeing as most students are still in the process of finding themselves. A total of 31 teams registered in the competition and submitted their creations from July 23 to August 28, 2018. After a stringent selection process, six of the best films were chosen to be shown on the award night.

The event was held in the Stu­dent Cultural Building and was attended by hundreds of film lov­ers from grade school to university. The jury consisted of international and domestic award-winning pro­ducers and program directors Andi Budrah and Mahesa Desaga. An­di’s film Nunggu Teka (Waiting for a Puzzle), 2016, and Mahesa’s film Angkutan Antarkota dalam Provin­si (Provincial Intercity Transport), 2017, were also shown at the cer­emony.

At the end of the night the awards were given. First place was awarded to students from SMAN 4 Surakarta public high school for their film Pe­sawat Kertas (Paper Plane). Second place was awarded to students from SMKN 2 Kediri vocational public high school for their film Lilin dan Kopi (Candles and Coffee), and third place was awarded to students from AL Ma’hdatul Islami high school for their film Sadar (Conscious/Aware). The award for Favorite Trailer was given to students from SMAN 2 Kedi­ri public high school for their trailer Dyslexia. Pesawat Kertas also won the award for Favorite Film. (Humas UB)

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