“Branding You” launches first book on personal branding


BRANDING YOU – Powerful Branding in Everyday Life, is the first book of four Personal Branding practitioners and trainers who are members of @BrandingYou.ID, a service platform for personal branding service providers, workshop organizers, digital content creators, and fashion stylist consultants.

The book launch event Branding You was held in mid-December 2020 at the Mare Nostrum Restaurant, Hotel Sahid, Jakarta. The book Branding You is based on the personal experiences of these authors and personal branding mentors. This book is packaged as light and attractive as possible so that readers not only learn about the power of personal branding but can also apply it in everyday life.

Building personal branding is notas easy as turning your palms; weoften ignore it. According to IndahWarsetio, a writer, as well as a personalbranding coach, strengtheningpersonal branding can be donein a designed manner and one thattruly reflects one’s strength. And this is the basis for presenting personal branding that fits his personality, not imitating the strengths of others.

With strong personal branding, it will be easy for us to achieve all our dreams and dreams to make it happen. This is what Arty Ardiwinata expressed as a mind beauty coach, in his part he wrote, “… strong self-confidence is needed if our self-confidence has radiated from within and outside ourselves.” The way we see things can change, along with how we regulate the direction of our thoughts, also commonly known as the fixed mindset and growth mindset.

“We hope this book can inspire as many Indonesians as possible, especially the young generation of Indonesia, so that they can maximize their future dreams, bright careers, become reliable businesspeople, and of course individuals who are valuable and useful,” said Indah. This is indeed the hope of Branding You mentors.

Amid increasingly sophisticated technology, people are required to move quickly and dynamically. Of course, this becomes an irony, when the strengths of personality and competence are not maximally achieved. Readiness to face competition and collaboration should be supported by self-effort. Like Zata Ligouw as a digital media branding and also a mentor for Branding You, maximizing one’s strength through digital media is no longer underestimated. An individual and even a professional must be able to carry themselves in the digital space.

This book is here to discuss how to maximize the power of personal branding in detail and in-depth and make it something we can practice every day, because one of the formulas for the success of building personal branding is REPETITION done every day.  

The self-readiness of personal branding can be expressed in a harmonious appearance and needs to be perfected with an appropriate and authentic fashion style. According to Oya Miranti’s mentor as a Color & image Consultant, this fashion style shows a first impres – sion, which only takes 3 seconds for other people to see and immediately determine your Authentic style.

This is where we will realize that personal branding has influenced and changed how we live our lives without us knowing it. This is where an adventure and learning begins. Branding You is dedicated to continuing to provide educational spaces and consulting facilities in building brilliant personal branding.