BPOM: Paxlovid can be used for Covid-19 treatment

Penny K. Lukito
BPOM chief Penny K. Lukito. (IO/Dumaz Artadi)

Jakarta, IO – The Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM) has issued an emergency use authorization (EUA) permit for the film-coated tablet Paxlovid for the treatment of Covid-19 in Indonesia.

BPOM chief Penny K. Lukito on (Monday (18/7) said that based on the results of a study related to its safety, in general the use of Paxlovid is considered safe and tolerable.

“Paxlovid is approved in the form of a film-coated tablet in combipack, consisting of Nirmatrelvir 150 mg and Ritonavir 100 mg with an indication for treating Covid-19 in adults who do not require supplemental oxygen and who are at high risk of progression to severe Covid-19. The recommended dose is 300 mg of Nirmatrelvir (two 150 mg tablets) with 100 mg of Ritonavir (one 100 mg tablet) taken together twice daily for five days,” said Penny.

She explained that the side effects of Paxlovid were found to be mild to moderate in the form of dysgeusia (impaired sense of taste) (5.6%), diarrhea (3.1%), headache (1.4%), and vomiting (1.1%). %) with a higher incidence than the group receiving placebo (0.3%; 1.6%; 1.3%; and 0.8%).