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BPN Legal Team: We shall not present false evidence


IO, JAKARTA – The legal team of Prabowo-Sandi National Success Team (BPN) remains certain that the evidence submitted to the Constitutional Court (MK) regarding the 2019 Election lawsuit is valid and not bogus.

Nicolay Apriliando, a member of the BPN Legal Team, has announced that preparations to attend the initial trial at the MK, scheduled for June 14, 2019, are almost ready. One objective is to prepare evidence that will be presented in the trial.

“We do not intend to present any false evidence: we will defend our position with certifiable proof evidence,” Nicolay declared at an iftar party held in Prabowo-Sandi Media Center, Jalan Sriwijaya I, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta, Rabu (29/5/2019).

Nico, as his associates call him, also pointed to the disdain expressed by other parties, claiming that his side lacks any proof, as there were only 51 pieces of evidence submitted to the MK. In fact, he stressed, the 51 pieces of evidence were the minimum needed to meet the MK requirement.

“The 51 pieces of evidence already presented are the “starters” needed to so we could meet the threshold for presentation to the MK. In fact, we have more than enough valid evidence. We also intend to demonstrate manipulation of the count and fraud, through our Forensic IT system. That is why we have lodged our case with the MK, intending to present a forensic audit of the KPU, referring to their IT data,” he said.

“We will expose everything related to the election. But we do not intend to divulge our data quite yet. We will present it to the court,” he added.

The Prabowo-Sandi BPN Member is also convinced MK will hand down a favorable verdict for his team’s. Moreover, he states that his team has quite a surprise in reserve, referring to evidence being presented at the upcoming trial.

“Once court is in session, you will see this for yourself. You will be surprised,” he affirmed.

Nico also declared that Prabowo-Sandi always upholds a constitutional approach and other legal means, in concluding the 2019 Election dispute. Therefore, he requests everyone, and particularly those in positions of power, to present relevant, truthful reposing statements instead of hurling out provocations and terrorizing society with repression.

“We are respectfully appealing to stakeholders and to the leaders of this country: please be prepared to support your stand with accurate declarations. Stop provoking the people with official terror. Every repressive action must be curtailed,” he emphasized.

“Prabowo-Sandi, in this case, respect the constitution and abide by the law: this is one more reason why stakeholders and the Government must end their criminalization of certain parties. We have had enough of that; after all, we are still in Ramadan situation,” he concluded. (dsy)


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