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BPN: Court Dispute is Not Solely About Prabowo-Sandi


IO, Jakarta — The Constitutional Court (MK) will hold a pre-trial hearing Friday to determine whether it will choose to move forward with the lawsuit that challenges the result of the 2019 Presidential Election, submitted by presidential and vice presidential candidates Prabowo Subianto and Sandiaga Uno. 

Spokesperson Coordinator on the National Committee to Elect Prabowo-Sandi (BPN) Dahnil Anzar Simanjuntak said the lawsuit filled represents the interests of the larger public, especially those who believe fraud and tampering affected the election result. It is not solely about Prabowo-Sandi, Simanjuntak added. 

“This [lawsuit] concerns the rights of the people who have been cheated, based on valid proofs. So we would like to emphasize that this court challenge is not just for Prabowo-Sandi. It is for a healthy democracy,” Sumanjuntak said Thursday. 

Simanjuntak further emphasized that Prabowo-Sandi have pursued all constitutional measures. He stressed that as a respected statesman, Subianto will not accept unconstitutional actions. 

“Pak Prabowo and Pak Sandi fully and strongly obide by the law, which is why they are advancing with the legal procedures available to them,” Simanjuntak said.

Simanjuntak also encouraged all of Prabowo-Sandi’s supporters not to occupy MK while the hearing takes place. 

“Pak Prabowo and Pak Sandi will not attend [the hearing] tomorrow and will be represented by their legal team. Pak Prabowo has also implored all of his supporters directly, sami’na waatho’na [to follow and obey], not to attend the hearing at MK,” Simanjuntak said. (Dsy)


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