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Borobudur revitalization as world’s spiritual destination to involve UNESCO


Jakarta, IO – The Borobudur Temple in Central Java will be revitalized by involving various experts from the United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). This will be focused on the integration between tourism management and conservation aspects with the aim of making the world’s largest Buddhist monument a prime spiritual destination.

SOE Deputy Minister Kartika Wirjoatmodjo revealed the importance of revitalization by prioritizing cultural and spiritual values at the Borobudur Temple compound. In line with this effort, a special authority will be formed in collaboration with conservation experts from UNESCO, reported Katadata, Monday (5/6).

“We will create a single authority in Borobudur so that we will can integrate the management of tourism, commercial and conservation in a comprehensive manner,” he said.

The planned revitalization will include regional arrangement, relocation of MSMEs to a designated center to restricting visits for tourists.

He added that the revitalization concept would be completed in September or October at the latest. The source of funding for this endeavor has yet been confirmed.

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“There are portions from the state budget (APBN), Public Works and Housing Ministry, and collaboration with the private sector. We are currently working on the draft,” he added.

The significance of Borobudur Temple for Indonesia goes beyond a mere ancient Buddhist monument; it is a potent symbol of the country’s religious tolerance and respect for cultural diversity and pluralism. (bp)


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