Bolu Kujo and the tradition of 1 Muharram in Kenanga Village

The committee takes a photo with Bolu Kujo that is awarded a MURI Certificate of Record. MURI notes that the Kujo sponge cake reaches a diameter of 275 cm with a thickness of 5 cm and is made by 20 residents of Kenanga Village. (photo: IO/Mahra)

IO – The Celebration of Islamic New Year on 1 Muharram 1441 Hijria in Kenanga Village, Sungailiat Sub-district, Bangka Regency will be slightly different from that of previous years.

Besides being held in a different place, another interesting thing that looks different in the celebration of 1st Muharram in 1441 Hijria is the presence of the Deputy Governor of the Bangka Belitung Islands (Babel), Abdul Fatah, who received a surprise from the Bangka Regent, Mulkan.

Deputy Governor Abdul Fatah in the celebration of the Islamic New Year on 1st Muharram, Sunday (1/9/2019) morning, which was held at the football field of Kenanga Village, Sungailiat Subdistrict, Bangka Regency, was fed Bolu Koju by the Regent of Bangka, Mulkan.

Bolu Koju which was fed by the Bangka Regent itself was part of Bangka’s special food that is always served and became a symbol in celebrating 1st Muharram in Kenanga; the present cake is the largest and has been acknowledged by the Museum of the Republic of Indonesia (MURI).

The surprise given by the Regent of Bangka Mulkan received a positive response from Deputy Governor Abdul Fatah.

The Deputy Governor in front of the Regent, government officials, and the people of Bangka who were present revealed that only in this province are there always festivities in celebrating Islamic New Year, much like a celebration of other Islamic holidays such as Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.

In this occasion, the Deputy Governor invited Muslims in Bangka in particular and Babel in general, to continue to increase their faith and piety in Allah SWT, as well as make corrections of one another.

“Today all over the country is welcoming the new Islamic year with gratitude, accompanied by prayers and dhikr, hoping this coming new year will be better than the previous year,” said the Deputy Governor.

The Deputy Governor also suggested that 1st Muharram be made part of our wealth of cultural diversity. “In Bangka and only on our island is 1 Muharram celebrated the same as Eid al-Fitr or Eid al-Adha. On this 1 Muharram, let’s work even harder. Happy Islamic New Year, let us live side by side peacefully in the Serumpun Sebalai Country,” exclaimed Abdul Fatah.

The Regent of Bangka, Mulkan, also invites people to celebrate the 1441 Hijrah New Year, which also coincides with September 1st, 2019, to be full of spirit to continue to improve and introspect, by always praying, followed by charity and piety to Allah SWT.

Meanwhile, KH Muchtar Cholid in his tausiyah said that one proof of the love for the Prophet for mankind was the celebration of 1 Muharram.

“Another proof of the love for the Prophet Muhammad is fasting on Monday and Thursday. The good habit must continue to be practiced. Conversely, the practice of bad habits is evil,” he said.

He explained how this month of Muharram was full of grace, commemorating the safety of the Prophet Moses from the pursuit of Pharaoh, and the safety of the Prophet Abraham from the fire when he was burned by Namrud and was also the beginning of the salvation of Prophet Muhammad SAW from a group of mercenaries.

KH Muchtar expresses how the salvation of the Prophets was the beginning of the Hijrah event which was made as the first month of the Hijrah Calendar. “So, improve our worship and prayer, start to pray in congregation. And one way to be healthy too is to live happily reading the Koran, and that is healthy without medical prescriptions. Also, do not divorce, “said KH Muchtar.

According to Teguh, a resident of Kenanga Village, the tradition 1 Muharram has indeed become an optimal moment to stay in touch with the community. In fact, according to him, every 1 Muharram people will cook in more quantities than the Eid or Eid al-Adha.

“At 1 Muharram, people here will cook more. The thing is, every 1 Muharram we will open our houses, provide food, and anyone can come, whether recognized or a stranger, either from here or from other villages,” he said firmly. (nhn)