Bocca Lupo: Where pizza meets coffee

(Photo: A. Mayasaphira)

IO – Tasteful pizza with a good blend of coffee can be enjoyed at Bocca Lupo, a cafe located in Jl. Raya Kb. Jeruk No.21A, West Jakarta. Pizza and coffee are the combined passion of founders Bocca Lupo, Fajar and Gugun. 

Fajar and Gugun became friends in 2011, while working for the same company. Then Fajar continued his studies in Italy for four years. His interest in pizza enabled Fajar to learn how to make pizza in its native country.

Fajar learned to create pizza for the first time in a university canteen while studying Cinema Art, and continued to deepen his knowledge after returning to Indonesia in 2017. Seeing a large market opportunity for New York-style pizza restaurants in Jakarta, especially in West Jakarta, Fajar decided to open a restaurant in 2020. 

Together with Gugun, who studied coffee, the two founded Bocca Lupo, which offers New York-style pizza with traditional Italian spices. The pizza is served per-slice with tabasco and chilies in oil as an option for spicy lovers. 

Bocca Lupo’s mainstay menu is Pepperoni Pizza. What makes it different from similar menus in other restaurants, here the pizza is sprinkled with dates which add a sweet taste, after melting it creates a delicious savory taste. They also offer classic pizza like Margherita and Cheese Mushroom. 

Gugun explained that Bocca Lupo in Italian means good luck. “We pray for the visitors who come, good luck in whatever they are doing,” he said. 

This holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Science Journalism from UIN Bandung continued to emphasize how the cafe is designed to be a comfortable gathering place for visitors. The selection of sofa furniture and cork displays containing photos of visitors next to the entrance gives a personal impression, like being at home. 

Bocca Lupo provides a variety of non-coffee choices, such as chocolate, matcha latte, taro latte, lychee tea, and soda. Gugun gets special house blend quality coffee directly from his farmer partners in Purwakarta. Apart from espresso-based drink, there is also a manual brew with bean variants that are curated every week. If you want to know more, you can check the Instagram account @boccalupo_pizzaandcoffe. 

Want to spend the weekend and taste the delicious Bocca Lupo menus? Just provide 100 thousand rupiah for two people. During the Transitional PSBB, Bocca Lupo operates from 11.00-21.00 WIB, while still implementing health protocols. 

Before entering the café area, visitors are asked to wash their hands in the space provided. Visitors are also expected to keep wearing masks and maintain a safe distance while inside the restaurant area. (A. Mayasaphira)