BNPT alleges gun-carrying woman outside State Palace a sympathizer of HTI

gun illustration. (Source: Pikiran Rakyat)

Jakarta, IO – The National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) continues to probe the alleged terror network linked to the woman arrested with a gun who tried to intrude the State Palace on Tuesday (25/10).

BNPT director for prevention Ahmad Nurwakhid revealed that the woman, identified as Siti Elina, harbour radical understanding and is a supporter of radical mass organization Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI) which has been banned by the government, reported Republika on Thursday (27/10).

Nurwakhid also said that Siti Elina often uploaded caliphate propaganda through her social media accounts. Thus, BNPT is further investigating her profile and motive to obtain information regarding the involvement of other parties.

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Nurwakhid also highlighted the involvement of women in a number of acts of terrorism. He emphasized that BNPT has been aware of the vulnerability of women to be recruited and used to carry out terror attacks.

“Using women in acts of terrorism is indeed a new trend, especially by ISIS, whether carried out through networks or as lone wolves that are not bound to central commands and networks,” said Nurwakhid. (un)