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BMKG Modifies the Weather so IKN Infrastructure Development is Not Disrupted by Rain


Jakarta, IO – The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) is carrying out weather modification operations to reduce the intensity of rain in the new administrative Capital Nusantara (IKN), East Kalimantan.

BMKG director Dwikorita Karnawati explained that this measure was taken so that infrastructure development in IKN could proceed according to plan without being disrupted by weather.

“Weather modification operations are to support the acceleration of infrastructure development, such as the construction of IKN VVIP Airport and toll roads,” said Dwikorita, per, Thu (20/6).

Dwikorita explained that based on the results of the BMKG analysis, the East Kalimantan region has the potential to experience moderate rainfall in June 2024.

She said this operation would be carried out until June 23 to break up clouds and reduce the intensity of rain.

“In order to accelerate infrastructure development, weather modification operations aim to break up clouds to minimize the occurrence of rain, which is maximized between June 13-23,” he said.

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BMKG acting deputy director for weather modification, Tri Handoko Seto, added that weather modification operations are prioritized in areas where the wind is coming.

 “Cloud seeding is carried out in areas that have the potential to cause rain into IKN supporting infrastructure development areas, for example IKN VVIP Airport and toll road,” he said.

He hoped the weather modification operations can have a positive impact on development, as well as mitigate potential disaster caused by adverse weather events at IKN. (un)


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