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Blue Terrace: healthy food in healthy environment


IO – Living in a busy city in Jakarta can be exhausting. It’s only natural that sometimes we want to reward ourselves by eating something nice and delicious – to comfort our hearts and minds, not just because we are hungry. Where can we eat something both delicious and nutritious, in a soothing environment that helps us regain the balance between our minds and bodies? The Blue Terrace at AYANA Hotel, Midplaza, is such a restaurant. Located right in the heart of Jakarta on Jalan Sudirman, its menu contains healthy offers with an exotic Asian twist in its use of spices and ingredients.

Each of Blue Terrace’s dishes is an innovation designed not only to improve moods, but also to pep up physical energy and balance the mind. It has a quaint romantic ambience, like sitting in the terrace and garden of your grandmother’s old house. It is cozy and intimate. With its colorful plant and floral decor, it is just the kind of place that you want to visit for a cheerful dinner with friends, a quiet lunch with your beloved, or an intimate bridal shower or birthday celebration. The Blue Terrace has a large dining space comprising both a cool, air-conditioned indoor area and a secluded outdoor area with more plants and unique murals.

Blue Terrace’s menu and décor are based on healthy lifestyles. It uses only fresh, quality vegetables and fruit for everything from its menu main course to desserts. This is where they overturn the idea that “healthy food is tasteless”: the chefs seek to pamper diners with dishes like baby gem wraps, green goddess Bowl with avocado and quail eggs, and salmon with mushrooms. Its innovative dessert menu contains gluten-free and dairy-free items made from wholesome ingredients such as broccoli, yams, corn, cassava, and beets. Blue Terrace does not forget those among us with a sweet tooth: it offers various healthy juices, smoothies, infused waters, and tea tails that refresh and rejuvenate us from the inside.

“Making the choice to live a healthy lifestyle in these modern times is not easy. The Blue Terrace is a gate towards the comfort and convenience for such a lifestyle. This place provides a chance for its guests to reconnect their minds and bodies through good dishes,” said Johan Kusnadi, AYANA Mid Plaza’s Executive Sous Chef in charge of this restaurant.

When I visited this restaurant, I had the opportunity to taste some of the favorite dishes in their menu, such as the seared salmon and mushroom salad. It was tender, yet the skin was nicely crisp. The mixture of salmon, mashed potato, tomato salsa, and olive oil is a sensation for the tongue.

My main course was Japanese-style spaghetti with salmon and spinach, which I found to be a unique combi­nation. If you should order this dish, I suggest that you take a little bit of everything in one bite in order to be able to appreciate the rich, exotic mixture of flavors. To all pasta lovers, this is a must-try! The savor of the shoyu and hondashi butter mixture blends in well with the spaghetti, salmon, shiitake mushroom, and spinach topping.

The Blue Terrace opens every day from 07:00 a.m. to 21:00 p.m. Its maximum capacity is 60 guests. As a restaurant with a healthy menu right in the heart of Jakarta, this is a place that you should visit for a different, soothing ambience as well as soul-satisfying food. (Aldo)


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