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Bloody protest in Kenya, Kemlu assures no Indonesians affected


Jakarta, IO – The Foreign Ministry (Kemlu) assured that no Indonesian citizens were affected by the violent demonstrations in Nairobi, Kenya where reportedly 20 people were killed.

Kemlu’s citizen protection director Judha Nugraha revealed that there are 99 Indonesian citizens in the East African country.

He said the Indonesian embassy in Nairobi had communicated with the Indonesian citizens to confirm their safety.

“A contingency plan has been prepared to anticipate an escalation of the security situation,” said Judha, per CNN Indonesia, Thu (27/6).

Kemlu and the embassy will continue to closely monitor the situation of demonstrations and riots occurring in various regions of Kenya and appealed to Indonesian citizens to step up vigilance, avoid crowds and areas where protesters gather, monitor the latest developments, and always carry official identification.

“Immediately contact the Indonesian Embassy in Nairobi hotline if an emergency situation occurs. The Indonesian Embassy in Nairobi Hotline is +254 748 763122,” advised Judha.

Thousands of Kenyans surrounded the parliament building on Tuesday (25/6) when members of parliament passed the Finance Bill 2024. People protested because the bill will lead to further tax hike on essential items, which will eventually increase the cost of living.

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Police officers fired live bullets after failing to disperse the crowd with tear gas and water cannon. Around 20 people were reportedly killed and 50 others injured as protesters stormed the legislature. More than 210 people have been arrested.

The majority of Kenyans rejected the controversial bill, especially during the present economic crisis experienced by the country. (un)


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