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Blood sugar control avoids DME complications – and blindness


Dr. dr. Gitalisa Andayani Adriono, Sp.M(K)
Dr. dr. Gitalisa Andayani Adriono, Sp.M(K). (Source: JAKARTA EYE CENTER)

During the same event, Dr. dr. Elvioza, Sp.M(K), vitreoretinal expert from Jakarta Eye Center (JEC), states that proper treatment is necessary for DME therapy. This covers both control of systemic factors and ocular therapies, “The control is meant to prevent the onset of retinopathy and the progress of the illness, while the therapies prevent loss of sight and/or improve it using methods such as antiVEGF, laser treatments, and administration of steroids. Proper selection of effective medication allows patients to improve and regain their independence, productivity, and ability to perform daily functions.” 

In terms of treatment, preventing the onset of complications when a person already caught diabetes is extremely important. After all, antiVEGF therapy using Afibercept is not yet covered by BPJS Kesehatan, our health security. 

In case of DR and DME, “Early detection remains crucial, as the type of treatment given to patients depend on their baseline condition. Therapy may not mean much to patients who are diagnosed with severe condition. Therefore, make sure you get your eyes checked out at least once a year, even though they haven’t shown any symptoms yet,” Dr. Elvioza said. (est)


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