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Blood sugar control avoids DME complications – and blindness


Control your blood pressure, blood fats and blood sugars with regular sports. (IO/Muhammad Hidayat)

“If the swelling occurs in the macula (the central part retina essential as the center of sight), it is called ‘diabetic macula edema’ (DME). This is a huge burden for diabetics, as deteriorating sight – blurriness, fogginess, and black spots in the vision – will degenerate into blindness in the long term if not treated. This will in turn cause anxiety and depression. WHO defines ‘blindness’ as ‘the inability of the eyes to see clearly enough for a person to be able to count the number of fingers held up before 3 meters before their eyes.” 

Health Security Does not Cover Treatment 

DME has both consistent and non-consistent risk factors. “Consistent” risk factors are thus categorized because they are related to the duration a person suffers from diabetes, or the duration that they have a HbA1C level exceeding 7. Non-consistent factors include obesity, sedentary lifestyle, tobacco smoking and alcohol drinking habits, and advanced age. 

“DR and DME may become predictors for other complications, including nephropathy, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, or myocardial infarction. As with all other diseases, it is better to prevent than treat. Please modify your lifestyle by controlling your blood pressure, blood fats, and blood sugars as a sure means of prevention,” Dr. Gitalisa said. 


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