BLACKPINK’s Jisoo solo debut – finally!


Jakarta, IO – Jisoo of BLACKPINK uploaded a curious photo on her personal Instagram account, @sooyaaa__, on Sunday (05/03/2023): a view of a wide grass plains dotted with tiny white flowers, and an oddly crumpled piece of red cloth in the forefront, and the starkly simple title, “Jisoo Coming Soon”, emblazoned in the top middle of the shot, and the date “FRI, 31.3.2023” right below it. What could it possibly mean? 

Is it…? 

YES! We are being told that dear Jisoo is getting ready for her solo debut! Her caption, also declaring “See you soon” complete with a rose and black heart, confirms it. 

The long wait is finally over. Jisoo is the final member of BLACKPINK branching out as a solo singer, and her many fans have expressed their enthusiasm and support her debut. From among the members of YG Entertainment’s baby, Jennie went solo first with her single “Solo” in 2018. Three years later, Rosé and Lisa each performed their solo debut, with the albums “R” in March 2021 and “Lalisa” in September 2021, respectively. 

However, YG Ent has yet to release more details about Jisoo’s debut. They only announced that BLACKPINK’s eldest member was preparing for her solo debut amid the BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK] series of concerts, which started in October 2022. “BLACKPINK’s Jisoo is currently working hard on recording her solo album, while undergoing a very busy world tour schedule since last year,” announced YG Entertainment in early January 2023. “She is also completing a number of preparation steps leading to her debut, such as photo shooting for the album covers and the production of her music videos, all of which are performed abroad.” 

The Agency went on to tease that Jisoo’s solo debut project will be a blockbuster: “We’ve put in the largest production budget among all BLACKPINK videos (into Jisoo’s video), so it will be worth looking forward to,” they declared in February 2023. 

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Jisoo is a multitalented member of BLACKPINK. Other than her obvious singing, she is also an actress who played the main character in the Korean drama Snowdrop, broadcast in 2021. In the JTBC drama, she played against better-known actors, including Jung Hae In, who played the male love interest Im Soo-ho. She is also active as a global ambassador of legendary brand Dior since March 2021, doubling as their fashion and beauty ambassador. Furthermore, in March 2022, legendary French jewelry and watchmaker Cartier announced her as their latest global ambassador and muse. 

Jisoo’s successful career so far is a mixture of her personal talent, hard work, and international success as a member of hot girl band BLACKPINK. (YAS)