Thursday, November 30, 2023 | 20:52 WIB

Bjorka is back in action, hacks BSSN chief’s data


Jakarta, IO – After a hiatus since Sunday (18/9), hacker who calls him/herself Bjorka reemerged. This time, he hacked the data of the National Cyber and Encryption Agency (BSSN) chief Hinsa Siburian. He also took swipe at the increased budgets after a series of data leaks in the last three months.

Bjorka uploaded a photo of Hinsa in an army uniform wearing three-star epaulette on Telegram and hacker forum BreachForums on Thursday (29/9) at 11.32 WIB, CNN Indonesia reported.

He also posted a screenshot of CNN Indonesia news article titled “BSSN budget increased to Rp624 billion, Bjorka’s ‘Blessing’?” translated into English. “Let’s ask this old man what the money will be used for,” Bjorka wrote.

The data leaker who claims to be based in Warsaw, Poland, also uploaded a screenshot of Hinsa’s personal data, including telephone number, name, citizenship number (NIK), family card (KK), address, date of birth, education, religion, vaccine status, and the type of vehicles he owns.


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