Birdman; A unique Japanese concept restaurant in Jakarta

A very unique concept Birdman carries the theme of Japanese minimalist, in the section of the restaurant building with gray walls and a small box says Birdman. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IOJakarta – As the capital city of Indonesia, of course you can easily find various types of restaurants from various countries in Jakarta, one of them is Japanese Restaurant. Recent­ly, Japanese Restaurants have been developing rapidly in Jakarta. For all of you Japanese food lovers, now there is a restaurant with the concept of Japanese Gastropub namely Bird­man located at 18 Parc SCBD, Jakar­ta. From the front, you can see the unique concept of this restaurant with a minimalist japanese design using a small glass in the middle of a gray wall and a small box that says Birdman. Entering the inside of the restaurant, you will be instantly greeted with a su­per minimalist, clean design dominat­ed by white and gray which feels very much like atmosphere of Japan. Some tables are made of marble and some are painted white. You could say, the size of the Birdman is not too big but feels comfortable with the concept pre­sented.

There are many different food menus that you can choose when you are in this restaurant, you can imme­diately choose Edamame as the menu appetizer. After you choose the lunch menu, you can add a menu set, where the lunch menu will be added to Rice, Miso Soup, Salad, Pickles, Ocha (the Ocha can be Refill). To get the menu set, you only need to add (20k) to each choice. I recommend that you add the set menu, because if you only order the lunch menu, surely your tastebuds won’t be satisfied with only a small portion.

One of the menus that I chose when I visited Birdman was Don’s Kalbi Steak, which was Short Ribs that were marinated. Presented poached egg on it. The meat was perfectly cooked, tender and juicy. With the addition of eggs make the creamy taste of the yolk match the delicious meat served. Be­sides food, there is also a very unique drink in this restaurant. Ramune is a Japanese soda drink. At Birdman, there are several kinds of flavors like Apple, Lychee, Yuzu, Grape and Ber­ries. I also chose Yuzu Ramune. This drink can make up to 4 people share. When you try it, the taste is fresh and feels sour like Yuzu.

The last menu I ordered while on Birdman was Gyutan / beef tongue which was cooked properly so it still felt tender and not tough. The savory taste and mixed with Kimchi Mayo sauce that feels a little spicy makes me want to order a serving of white rice for my friends to eat.

In this Birdman restaurant, it turns out that the Chef is native to Japan, his name is Chef Takashi. The service provided by Birdman is also quite okay, the waiter is friendly and ready to explain each of the menus to you clearly. One thing that I think needs to be improved is that mosqui­toes are roaming under the table, that needs attention as it is quite annoying for visitors. In addition, in Birdman all locations are smoking areas because at each table an ashtray is provid­ed to place cigarette ash. Hopefully, in future there will be a discourse of separation between smoking and non-smoking. (Aldo)