BIOTA Smart Home Harmonizes Daily Life


Jakarta, IO – With an ambition to create an ecosystem of smart devices in Indonesian homes, BIOTA Smart Home soft-launched its brand in the Indonesian smart home market on Wednesday (3/7/2024). As the hustle and bustle of modern life has become increasingly inevitable, people often have to adapt to their living space, since human beings bear the responsibility of making sacrifices to meet their daily routines and commitments.

“Our dream originates from how everyone should not adjust their lives to the conditions of the house, but the environment should rather adapt to our lives. (We’re) dreaming of how to make life easier, simpler, but more meaningful,” elaborated BIOTA CEO and founder Steven Gunarso.

The momentum came to BIOTA in harmony with the Internet of Things (IoT) trend and increasing demand for smart home devices, which is quite significant from year to year. According to the We Are Social report, the number of smart homes in Indonesia in 2024 will reach 9.58 million, an increase of 15%, or around 1.2 million households over the 2023 figure. This is more than a trend – the use of smart home devices has reached a holistic level.

The Indonesian IoT Association (ASIOTI) survey in 2023 found that at least five smart home devices are used in each household, covering several aspects of life, from smart lighting, smart security like CCTV and smart pet care. The holistic approach, which aligns with BIOTA’s vision, was highlighted in the event. Raising the theme of ”Making Melodies of Life”, BIOTA’s soft launch showcased how a smart home can be more than an IoT-based solution for daily routines and how it helps create meaningful stories.

BIOTA Smart Home
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Smart Home in Every Phase of Life

BIOTA’s soft launch, held at The Open Door, Alam Sutera, emphasizes the concept of a diorama exhibition representing the six phases in the human life cycle. In each section, visitors are invited to see how BIOTA’s smart home products can enrich every precious moment in life.

The Smart Air Purifier ensures that little ones sleep soundly in the “Ten Fingers, Ten Toes” section, and newlyweds can embark on their new journey in the “Dear Soulmate” section. BIOTA is set to assist its users in focusing on life’s most meaningful moments.

“BIOTA exists to eliminate distractions. My dream is to not have to worry about returning home late. We have to go through many things in life, but we don’t have that much time. We should be able to spend time with our family and loved ones or pursue our passions,” said Steven Gunarso.

Like an ensemble in an orchestra, each smart home device from BIOTA synergizes with another, to improve the users’ quality of life and lifestyle. With its “Life Enhanced” motto, BIOTA believes that creating a smart home ecosystem is more than keeping up-to-date with technological developments.

BIOTA Smart Home
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Ease of use, Innovative Technology and Customer Service

To ensure a seamless transition to a smart home ecosystem for new users, BIOTA prioritizes the ease-of-use principle, in installing and operating smart home devices, such as automatic pairing and user-friendly interface of the BIOTA Smart Home application. Therefore, new users will not find adapting to the smart home ecosystem challenging.

At the same time, BIOTA introduces cutting-edge technology to the smart home market, such as the Smart Camera Battery Fixed and Smart Wireless Doorbell products, which are 100% wireless, as well as home automation features for power users. Understanding that perfection is an ideal that is difficult to achieve, BIOTA faithfully supports customer service, as its third pillar. Whether through e-commerce, social media, or direct on-site consultation, BIOTA representatives are ready to answer all user concerns regarding smart home technology.

“BIOTA believes that there is no one-for-all solution, but to truly embody one-for-one. We want to make everyone appreciated because everyone matters,” said Steven Gunarso.

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BIOTA Smart Home
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Be Top of Mind for Smart Home Technology

Since its founding in 2023, BIOTA has sold more than 1,000 products to consumers in Indonesia. Starting from the Smart Camera line, BIOTA’s product portfolio expands to cover all aspects of life, from Smart Lighting, Smart Electrical and Smart Pet Care to Smart Wellness.

“Our main goal is for the BIOTA brand to be trusted by customers to ensure a comfortable life. We want customers to understand that BIOTA products are superior to other brands,” said Steven Gunarso.

BIOTA products are available on the e-commerce platforms Tokopedia, Shopee and Lazada. To reach a wider market, BIOTA is also found in Bali, Samarinda, Bandung and Lampung. (des)