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BIOLAGE promotes healthy hair in celebrating World Hijab Day


IO – Biolage, the number one halal and natural professional haircare brand chosen by hijabis—Hijabi refers to the women wearing hijab, the veil worn by certain Muslim women covering the head and chest— understands the needs of Indonesian women who hold down challenging daily multi-roles. Therefore, self-appreciation is worth refreshing the mind, body and soul. 

The World Hijab Day falls on February 1, filled with events and excitement as a form of commitment from Biolage to encourage self-appreciation. 

Biolage presents numerous hair care offers in thousands of appointed hair salons for the hijabis as a perfect moment to make women feel appreciated and pampered by taking them to the hair care salons. Promoted by the famous Nazma Khan since 2013, World Hijab Day is an “Appreciation Day” for the hijabis in successfully balancing their multi-tasks and roles in their social environment. 

This year is the fourth year for Biolage to participate in the World Hijab Day under the mission of #HijabKuKendaliKu (my hijab, my power), a spirit of empowering the image and self-value of women in hijab. This year’s campaign also highlighted the hijabis’ resilience and independence in making the most of their lives. 

Biolage Sculpture is a range of professional cool therapy services provided by Biolage to offer hair solutions for hijabis and non-hijabis for dandruff-free hair, hair loss treatment and 48hours damp-free hair. This range of services is the centerpiece products offered by Biolage partner salons and the number one Hijabi choice since 2017. 

Biolage Indonesia’s Brand General Manager Amanda Indarwulan states, “With all the current uncertainties, now is the perfect time for self-pamper by indulging yourself and your hair in your favorite hair salon. 

The World Hijab Day moment is a reminder for us to stop a moment and pay attention to ourselves in self-appreciation, to be the best version of ourselves in facing challenges.” The World Hijab Day is a particular Biolage commitment to empowering and assisting their hair salon partners in improving their quality and service by inviting consumers and increasing the number of visits to revive the hair salon business. 


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