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BINUS University’s 2.5-year “fast track to employment” program


Jakarta, IO – Rapid and dynamic development in the industrial sector requires Indonesian human resources to be more creative and adaptive, which presents challenges to fresh university graduates. Statistics Indonesia (BPS) released a survey result in August 2023 on the national workforce, showing that there was an increase in unemployment among higher education graduates (Bachelor’s Diploma and above) from 4.8% in 2022 to 5.10% in 2023.

In response to an increasing rate of unemployment, BINUS University, with its 40-year experience in Indonesian education, identifies the importance of equipping Gen Z students with skills relevant to the current situation in the industrial sector. To overcome these challenges, BINUS University offers “2.5 Years of Study, Fast Track Your Career Immediately” #StartEarlier, a program specifically designed to help students achieve a career that suits their skills and interests.

Getting to Know the 2.5-year Study Program from BINUS University
Binus University’s 2.5-year program welcomes high school students and vocational school graduates to help them achieve their careers, by gaining the professional experience and work skills needed through enrichment programs.
In the enrichment program, students can choose one of the seven learning tracks that suit their interests and long-term career plans: entrepreneurship, research, internship, further study, community development, study abroad and specific independent study.

In all its study programs, BINUS University’s curriculum maximizes learning by focusing on field practice and skills related to technology. Students also have the opportunity to learn directly from experts inside and outside the classroom. BINUS University also officially collaborates with more than 2,200 companies to open up great opportunities for students. After graduating, students will have the necessary skills to enter the workforce immediately.

Unlike regular higher education curricula, that take approximately four years to complete and emphasize theories, this program includes subjects such as AI, entrepreneurship, and character building, to increase the readiness of the younger generation to embrace a career immediately after graduating from college.

BINUS University Rector Dr. Nelly. S.Kom., M.M., CSCA stated that the vision of Binus University 2035 is in line with Golden Indonesia 2045. “To achieve this vision, BINUS University develops a strategic plan so that the targets can be achieved and prepares exceptional human resources on the way to Golden Indonesia 2045. Therefore, we continue to innovate to empower the younger generation with programs designed to hone their abilities and make them more adaptive and qualified so they can be fully ready to enter the world of work,” she explained.

For Almost a Decade, BINUS University’s 2.5-year Study Program Has Made Real Impacts

BINUS University’s 2.5-year study program has been in operation since 2014, and has had positive impacts. More than 96,000 students joined this program from 2014 to 2023, and successfully started their careers early. “BINUS University energetically strives to present programs that answer the needs of the people. This program was launched almost a decade ago. With changing times, the program proves to provide a learning system that supports students’ practical skills, making them more adaptive and creative when entering the marketplace. BINUS University is proud to have accompanied more than 96,000 students in achieving their careers in a short time,” said Dr. Nelly.

Kevin Jaya Wiguna, a BINUS University alum majoring in computer science, is one of the students taking the 2.5-year program. Kevin has built a career as an indie game developer, working since semester 6. He has earned hundreds of millions of Rupiah from his professional skills and subsequently hired several employees.

“Through the BINUS University enrichment program, I had the opportunity to interact directly with experts in the field of technology, and even develop my own game, while still in college. With their assistance, I managed to earn tens of millions while still studying and increasing my networking. This opportunity helped me gain the skills needed to build a career as an indie game developer,” said Kevin.

BINUS University’s Commitment to Fast Track Young Generation Employment
BINUS University has the vision to develop Indonesia’s younger generation so that they can contribute to the nation, either as entrepreneurs, business leaders, academics or experts in their fields. The 2.5-year study program is a manifestation of this commitment to overcome the problem of unemployment in the country.

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“We are committed to accommodating the community’s needs for quality and relevant education in the dynamic industrial sector. BINUS University hopes that the 2.5-year study program will not only benefit our students, but will also contribute to the community and development in Indonesia,” said Dr. Nelly.
BINUS University has secured a place in the 951-1000 ranks in the QS World University Rankings 2025, an improvement from its previous 1001-1200 position. In Indonesia, BINUS is listed as the 10th best university and the number one private university in this ranking.

As a leading educational institution in Indonesia with several campuses in various locations, such as BINUS @Kemanggisan, BINUS @Alam Sutera, BINUS @Bekasi, BINUS @Malang, BINUS @Semarang and BINUS @Bandung, BINUS University aims to be a pioneer of innovation in education by integrating the latest technology and cutting-edge learning methods to produce exceptional human resources, in an environment where everyone feels accepted and encouraged to develop according to their potential. (des)


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