Bingin beach – charm of hidden Bali beaches

Bingin Beach is a beach that is still untouched by many tourists and this beach dominated by many foreign tourists. (photo: IO/Prive. Doc)

IO – The island of Bali is famous for its captivating beaches, but apart from the beauty of famous beaches, there are still many hidden coastlines in Bali that have not been visited by tourists. One of these is Bingin Beach, a marvellous seaside located in Pecatu Village, South Kuta, Badung, about 32 kilometres south of Denpasar City. Pecatu Village is part of the South Kuta subdistrict, Badung Regency, an area whose geographical area consists of limestone hills and coastal features with spectacular views of the sea and white sands.

The natural beauty is set to complete the list of diverse attractions on Bali. Bingin Beach is obviously one of those particular areas, because it offers a variety of uniqueness and beauty, making every visitor feel they want to linger. The beach presents beautiful white sand, and when you are here, you can simply have a good time relaxing, or for those who love extreme sports like surfing, the violent waves it looks perfect if you want to try them out. So, it is not surprising that Bingin Beach is still dominated by foreign tourists trying to overpower the waves. Clear sea water is also another attraction; cliffs and reefs that surround the beach make it a perfect place for your list of places to visit.

Bingin Beach is a beach that is still untouched by many tourists and this beach dominated. (photo: IO/Prive. Doc) by many foreign tourists.

The beauty of Southern Bali coastlines is characterized by cliffs surrounded by hills. Access to Bingin Beach’s shore requires quite a bit of effort; therefore this beach is rarely visited by tourists, especially domestic travelers, whereas it presents magnificent beauty and has its own uniqueness. At low tide, the emerging reefs are clear enough to see and you can walk over them; some are overgrown with algae, thus resulting in harmonious beautiful green shades.

If you are visiting during the day, you can shelter on the cliffs’ banks or rent a beach umbrella from local people; there is also a row of cafes that offer a variety of food and beverages. The quiet, comfortable, and elegant atmosphere will surely be a special pleasure that you cannot forget. After having a full day’s activity or being tired of the city hustles, this place is perfectly suited for those who seek for a solitude bliss. If you want to enjoy the utmost countryside ambience and hills of beautiful beach sceneries in a different way, the accommodation like hotels and inns are also available here at the affordable prices.

Bingin Beach in Pecatu is a perfect choice for your travelling experience with family or colleagues in Bali. Traveling to this seaside is quite exhausting because, from the parking lot area, you have to continue the journey on foot through the narrow alleys and down the stairs. Its location which lies beneath the cliffs makes for a fairly steep access, for that it requires careful action, especially when it comes to escorting your children into safety.

Surfboard rentals are also available on the beach, and for you who are still beginners, this beach is good for surfing practices. Therefore, a lot of local people provides assistance for visitors to learn surfing techniques at quite an affordable cost. If you want to enjoy the natural atmosphere while doing romantic dinner with couples around the sunset view, then you can find it here. Bingin Beach is not a special place for doing watersports in Bali because it’s only suitable for surfing activities, where the rest is just for chilling spots or a place to enjoy the charming sunset over the horizon. (Aldo)