Billboard Indonesia launches “Billboard Indonesia Top 100”

(photo: Prive. Doc)

 IO, Jakarta – Billboard Indonesia on Wednesday (9/25/2019) offi­cially launched its latest program. “Billboard Indonesia” operates under license from Billboard in America, and has appeared in In­donesia since 30 November 2018. The latest program from Billboard Indonesia is titled “This is the Bill­board Indonesia Top 100”.

Billboard Indonesia Top 100 is a list of the most popular & latest songs every week from Indonesian artists and musicians of all genres, ranked by combining lots of data to make a total score.

The position of the song on the Billboard Indonesia Top 100 is determined by a variety of data sources, ranging from music streaming platforms, weekly chart positions, weekly radio playback, video streaming platform viewers, and weekly playback on the kara­oke network in Indonesia.

Aldo Sianturi, Billboard Indone­sia’s Chief Operating Officer hopes that Billboard Indonesia Top 100 will contribute to the develop­ment of Indonesian music. “In­donesian music is very advanced and varied with many genres; the quality of music produced is also extraordinary. Hopefully, the Billboard Indonesia Top 100 will make the industry more profit­able,” he said.

Songs from all genres will be in­cluded in Billboard Indonesia Top 100, it will contain compositions in the form of lyrics in Indonesian or Indonesian mixed with foreign languages.

Gumilang Ramadhan, chair­man of the Indonesian Recording Industry Association (ASIRI) said he was very happy to be able to work with Billboard Indonesia. “It is wonderful to be able to collab­orate with Billboard Indonesia to launch a credible and valid chart,” he said.

“Thank you Billboard Indone­sia for documenting the journey of the Indonesian music industry in the form of the Billboard Indonesia Top 100. Hopefully, in the future it can always serve as a reference for the radio industry in Indonesia,” hopes Timothy Markus of the In­donesian Music Director Associa­tion (AMDI).

Compiled by a special team under Andhika Septian, Billboard Indonesia Top 100 hopes to build a comprehensive data of Indonesian music.

“Personally, Iky and Lala ex­pressed their gratitude to Billboard Indonesia for being included in the compilation even though they did not expect it. “Hopefully the song ‘Don’t Want to Be Separated Again’ can make it in the Top 5 of Billboard Indonesia,” said Rizky Febian, a rising young singer. This song that collaborated with Marion Jola entered the list of Billboard In­donesia Top 100.

Two young musicians, Sal Pri­adi and Nadin Amizah have their song “Amin Most Serious” includ­ed on the Billboard Indonesia Top 100 list. “I am very happy with Billboard Indonesia Top 100. I hope more and more young mu­sicians can release their works and they are well received,” said Sal Priadi.

Billboard Indonesia itself has made many video programs, in­cluding MusicTalks, Koreative Video, Bintang Dangdut, and Bill­board Spotlight. “We are current­ly preparing the next steps of the Billboard Indonesia Top 100. Soon this program can be watched on one of the leading TV stations in Indonesia,” said Aldo Sianturi.

Hopefully, Billboard Indonesia Top 100 will be one of the steps to better showcase Indonesian music.