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Big Data Center from IMERI-IDEALAB


IO – Indonesian Medical Education and Research Institute (IMERI) FKUI (Medical Faculty of the University of Indonesia ) cooperates with a Venture Builder of UMG Idealab in the launch of IMERI-IDEALAB, a “Big Data Center” featuring integrated “One Stop Service” in health sector data management. 

Prof. dr. Badriul Hegar, Ph.D., SpA(K), Director of IMERI, conveyed IMERI’s vision to develop research in Medical Education and Medical Science involving health sector big data. “IMERI is seen as a platform for researchers to facilitate biological, clinical, social and environmental big data analytics, enhancing new healthcare services for the benefit of the Indonesian healthcare service and people in general,” said the Professor. 

Working from the same vision, IDEALAB has indicated it is willing to cooperate with IMERI in developing a Big Data Center Health Platform. President Director of UMG Idealab Achmad Syaef stated “We identify the IMERI as a platform for experts and medical practitioners to contribute in education and research. We believe that we are with the right partner to co-create accessible and inclusive health service.” On the same occasion, Kiwi Aliwaga, Founder of UMG IDEALAB, added, “This cooperation demonstrates UMG IDEALAB’s real commitment in integrating the role of technology 4.0 in all Indonesian fields of life, including the health sector.” 


In his opening speech, the Dean of Medicine Faculty of the University of Indonesia, Prof. Dr. dr. Ari Fahrial Syam, SpPD-KGEH., MMB, stated that the big data center represents an effort to apply health data optimally. “Not only for the University of Indonesia but also for national or even global interest. Health sector big data analytics delivered through artificial intelligence will allow betterment of the welfare of the people,” Ari claimed. 

Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation of the University of Indonesia, drg. Nurtami, Ph.D., Sp,OF(K)—D.D.S—added “Through the BDC, IMERI puts real effort in managing integrated research data, improving research quality in health and facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration. National and international research collaboration is critical in providing academic, society and economic impact on the community.” 

In his exposition, Prof. Dr. dr. Budi Wiweko, SpOG(K), MPH as the Deputy Director of IMERI in Research and Innovation, disclosed “Availability of Health Big Data in IMERI will potentially facilitate researchers in the medical feld and medical informatics. The information is processed and managed into knowledge and AI service algorithms useful for upgraded health service quality.” 

Technical Vise Chairman of BDC IMERI-IDEALAB dr. Aly Lamury, MSc, points out how that Big Data Center IMERI-IDEALAB provides services for customers to store, label, manage, analyze, and develop health data based on AI algorithms in a single platform, employing cloud computing technology. Deputy Head of Administrative BDC IMERI-IDEALAB, Muhammad Satrio Utomo, MSc, announced that BDC offers new users a free promo trial of 1GB Data Storage service for 30 days, and a 100GB Data Storage service promo for three months. 

Head of Big Data Center IMERI-IDEALAB Prasandhya Astagiri Yusuf, S.Si., M.T., Ph.D expects Big Data Center IMERI-IDEALAB to provide guaranteed convenience, comfort and security. 

Big Data Center IMERI-IDEALAB is expected to be the solution and platform to unite efforts of cross-disciplinary researchers in optimizing health service in Indonesia. 


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