Sunday, October 1, 2023 | 07:01 WIB

BI launches new banknotes design for the 2022 edition


uang baru
Still of the 2022-edition banknotes. (Source: Bank Indonesia YouTube Channel)

National hero from North Sulawesi Dr. G.S.S.J Ratulangi is honoured on Rp20,000 banknote. Papuan hero Frans Kaisiepo is enshrined on Rp10,000 banknote. Nahdlatul Ulama figure D.r. K.H. Idham Chalid is depicted on Rp5,000 banknote.

Betawi hero Mohammad Hoesni Thamrin is immortalized on Rp2,000 banknote and Acehnese freedom fighter Tjut Meutia Kartawidjaja appears on Rp1,000 banknote.

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Finance Minister Sri Mulyani said the new banknotes are issued to boost optimism so Indonesia can rise stronger. She hopes Indonesians can continue to respect and be proud of the Rupiah.

“Together with the Rupiah, we will rise stronger towards a more developed Indonesia,” she said. (un)


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