Wednesday, May 29, 2024 | 21:26 WIB

Between people and their employees: KPU and Police Mind

IO – The People pay the General Elections Commission (KPU) as organizers of anti-fraud elections. The People pay for the Indonesian National Police (POLRI) to maintain justice. However, the KPU reports the people because of the fuss over fraud. And POLRI hunts down people who post injustice.

Then who reports the KPU and POLRI?

If the people are reported by the KPU to POLICE for sending hoax news to social media, who reports the KPU to POLICE for inputting a lot of false data (hoax) to the KPU’s official website? “A lot of garbage on social media pages … but it can’t be a lot of garbage at KPU please …”

That is the danger if “popularism does not led the wisdom of deliberations”.

Then the leader considers the people as a nuisance and the freedom that we have obtained with difficulty is considered a threat. Officials must adjust to our democracy.

If the police look at the social media pages looking for hoax spreaders reported by the KPU, what is the punishment for the KPU if it turns out to be true? What is the compensation for the content spreader, and what is the penalty for the KPU?

Why if the KPU is wrong the law doesn’t apply? Why if people are wrongly punished?

If the law works at the request of the authorities or state authorities to target ordinary people, then the law will tend to take sides. The law will move to find fault with the people and cover up the mistakes of the authorities and their supporters. This is the beginning of the tragedy.

In a democratic country, state officials are servants. They are paid with public money. Their job is to answer all the doubts of their employers (namely the People) for their professionalism and ability to work. Instead, they refuse to answer, instead threatening and using the authorities.

In a democratic country, the duty of the police is to stand in the middle. Even standing on the people’s side. Because the highest law is the safety of the people. POLRI should have caught KPU officials who were wrongly inputting or officers who cheated in plain view in videos and images.

The law that privileges officials is contrary to Article 27 of the 1945 Constitution. (1) All citizens are at the same position before the law and government and are obliged to uphold the law and government with no exceptions.