Between hegemony of western food through spices ala Tua Baru Restaurant

Tua Baru interior and atmosphere brings a vintage theme by using dining tables and wooden chairs in the main dining room, make visitors feels more homey. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – Jakarta has been serving a variety of dishes with a variety of culinary taste native to Indonesia in many restaurants that is not difficult to find. Like this one restaurant, it offers a different concept compared to other restaurants surrounding it. Located at Mega Kuningan district, South Jakarta, Tua Baru Restaurant offers a menu with the idea of ​​carrying typical food of the archipelago. The Restaurant deliberately stands in Kuningan because it wants to be different with restaurants in the area that serves ‘western’ menu.

“Starting from a concept in which we want everything old to be new again in the sense that Indonesian food is arguably old and escapes the attention of our society, lifting it back to a different level to look new with ‘plating’,” said Monica Junior which is also the Tua Baru Marketing restaurant.

In terms of interior and decoration of the room that is applied, Tua Baru brings a vintage theme by using a dining table and wooden chairs in the main dining room that they have to be more impressed homey.

“From the form of building, interior, and decoration of the room we deliberately choose a vintage atmosphere. This is what makes us sure Tua Baru Restaurant has significant differences with other competitors in the Mega Kuningan region, “said Yanuar, Manager of Tua Baru restaurant.

Choosing the location of Mega Kuningan which is an office building filled with expatriates, Tua Baru Restaurant feel superior in terms of price they offer to customers, the feel of a luxurious building and the use of vintage-style room decor.

“Choosing to be in Mega Kuningan, we are deliberate so that the businessmen and the expatriate are more familiar with Indonesian food, in terms of our main target market is the businessmen and also expat, but did not rule out the citizens of Jakarta who are still at a young age and family became our target market, “Yanuar added.

Tua Baru Restaurant are more emphasizing in Indonesian menu, one of the favorite menu is chicken satay and oxtail spices. (photo: IO/Aldo)

The number of culinary business that primarily carries Indonesian cuisine, does not make the restaurant feel unrivaled with restaurants that carry the same concept and have opened for a longer time the outlets in Jakarta. In this case, the Tua Baru even more feel favored because every menu they process more priority to the original spices from Indonesia.

The types of food choices in the Tua Baru restaurant is further highlighting the peranakan Indonesian menu such as, Rempah Rempah, Ayam Bakar Sembilan Rasa, to the seafood menu such as Salted Egg Shrimp, Cori Goreng Kemangi, and Pattaya Grilled Barramundi.

In addition to highlighting the distinctive flavors of spices in every food, the Tua Baru restaurant also focuses on the hygiene of raw materials and the quality they provide to their customers. In the use of food raw materials, Tua Baru focuses more on local raw materials for the entire menu of food they will serve to customers.

“For the use of raw materials, we use ingredients from indigenous Indonesia maybe about 10% of which we import like Oxtail only, the rest we use local materials because I think the spice in Indonesia is quite a lot and very diverse,” said Yanuar.

Although many restaurants of this type is in Jakarta, Independent Observer still includes this Tua Baru restaurant as a recommendation for those of you who want to taste the authenticity of Indonesian spice flavor combined with processed cooking that feels blend in the mouth. For the weekend, the Tua Baru Restaurant is perfect for spending time with relatives or chilli families chatting warmly. (Aldo)