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Best seats for the Jakarta E-Prix


Jakarta, IO – At the start of May, the 20% Early Bird discount period for Formula E tickets ended: starting last Thursday (04/05/2023), ticket prices have reverted to normal. Fans of Formula E electric car racing can check prices of remaining tickets, and buy them from and websites. Jakarta E Prix 2023 Race Executive Ivan Permana proudly declared that the 5,000 early bird tickets had sold out. “However, we still have plenty of seats available at normal price, including the best ones,” he soothed. 

Jakarta E-Prix 2023 will be held on 3-4 June. This is the second time Jakarta has hosted the event, after a successful iteration last year. Everyone is looking forward to the impressive performance of the 22 international racers taking part in the event. The audience can will also be serenaded by an accompanying performance by top-notch Indonesian and international musical artists. 

There are a number of “ideal” spots still available for watching the Jakarta E-Prix 2023, one of them being seat 2I. Located between turn 13 and turn 14, it has a wide vantage of the track. A seat with a view of the hairpin and next straight is the final turn, i.e. turn 18. You might opt for seats 2D and 2E, where you can get a clear view of the Formula E cars’ attack mode. Another attractive spot is seat 2A, facing turn 1. Many interesting maneuvers are enacted, and crashes and bumps frequently happen right here. These seats will deliver the moments all car race enthusiasts look forward to. 

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The Jakarta E-Prix 2023 has more than a Formula E race on show. A number of Indonesian top artists and musicians will entertain the race audience; these include Ari Lasso, Lyodra, Lea Simanjuntak and Slank. Alan Walker and DJ Sergio will also be performing. You can see them best from seat 2G, which directly faces the primary stage. 

So get your ticket for these best Jakarta E-Prix 2023 watching spots while they last! (des)


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