Sunday, September 24, 2023 | 10:39 WIB

Besides Indonesia, Taiwan also rejects instant noodle from this country


Jakarta, IO – Seven ships carrying instant noodles weighing 4,432 kilograms were rejected by Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They originated from Indonesia, Japan and the Philippines.

Among them are cup noodles Mie Sedap from Indonesia and Lucky Me from the Philippines, all of which were imported by ELOM Group Company from Taiwan. In addition, the consignment contains cup noodles Acecook from Japan imported by another Taiwanese company Zhong Xin International Development Co.

Taiwan’s FDA said the reason they were rejected was because the level of pesticide residue content was above the threshold limit set by the country. In the future, given the large number of shipments of instant noodles contaminated with residue from Indonesia, the agency said that customs officials would increase the percentage of inspection samples for food imported from Indonesia from currently 5-10 percent to around 20 percent.

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Taiwan also denied entry for Best Camellia Oil from China and Queen Victoria teabags from Australia.

“All food and beverage items that were refused entry because they did not meet the food safety standards will be returned or destroyed,” the FDA said. (rr)


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