BEM SI threatens to encircle Palace, demand Jokowi’s firmer stance

Demonstrasi BEM SI
BEM SI during a demonstration aroung the Horse Statue monument, Central Jakarta, Monday (28/3). Photo: JPNN

Jakarta, IO – The National Association of University Student Executive Bodies (BEM SI) plans to again hold massive demonstration and encircle State Palace on Monday (11/4) to demand a firmer stance from President Joko Widodo on the discourse to postpone the 2024 elections and extending the presidential term.

They saw the move as an act of betrayal of the country’s Constitution. At previous demonstration around the Horse Statue monument last Monday (28/3), BEM SI made six demands and gave the government an ultimatum to meet their demands in two weeks.

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“For the demonstration on April 11 we want Jokowi to meet us. We will not disperse until our demands are met,” said the BEM SI coordinator Kaharuddin on Wednesday (6/4).