Beautiful sights of Jakarta city from the highest restaurant in Jakarta

Located on the 67th floor and part of the Westin Hotel Jakarta, Hensin offers a great view of the city’s skyscrapers. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – Eating a meal with a view of the skyscrapers of Jakarta is nothing like a typical town rival, especially if you enjoy the view from the top of the highest restaurant in Jakarta. As a restaurant that has its own attraction with a skyscraper I named Henshin as one of the ‘Best Restaurant Editorial Choice Award’, Henshin, a part of the Westin Jakarta hotel located in Gama Tower, Jalan HR Rasuna Said, South Jakarta. Henshin will give you a different experience from other rooftop bars in Jakarta. Henshin is a culinary destination with a multi-level, multi-dimensional concept, which will amaze guests with spectacular city views and serve typical Nikkei food.


To reach Henshin, you can use a special elevator from the Westin lobby. The elevator will immediately take you to Henshin on the 67th floor without transiting on any other  floor. Opened to the public at the end of July 2017, Henshin is on the top three floors of The Westin Jakarta and focuses on offering 3 experiences namely bar & lounge on the 67th floor, fine dining restaurants on floors 68 and 69. If you are interested in visiting Henshin, come here before sunset to take a moment to relax from the busy daily activities while capturing the moment with a beautiful view of the city of Jakarta. Dominated by interiors that use wood, the entire Henshin interior combines the distinctiveness of Japanese-style designs that are simple with a contemporary touch creating a warm and intimate feel. As well as color-coated ceramic floor decorations with traditional motifs, as well as natural rocks that adorn the entire Henshin bar area.


Moving up the 68th and 69th floors, the main dining room of this fine dining restaurant offers an open kitchen concept that allows chefs to interact with each guest, creating a more intimate dining experience. Guests can choose warm and cold appetizers, before enjoying a selection of tempting main dishes such as Ceviche Clasico, lemon-spiced fish dishes with Peruvian chili. As well as other typical dishes such as, Henshin roll which combines foie gras, fried shrimp, spicy crab, unagi and avocado served with a typical chili sauce, a blend of Indonikkei.


To get a more personal dining experience, Henshin also provides 2 private rooms on the 69th floor, where one room can accommodate 20 guests and the other room can accommodate 12 guests. Each floor has a multifunctional room and area banquet that can be used for meetings, gatherings and corporate events. Serving typical Nikkei dishes, Henshin is led directly by Chef Hajime Kasuga, a Japanese chef and the third generation Nikkei who lives in Peru. He promoted Nikkei dishes and was very excited to bring this dish to Indonesia with his team from Latin America.

“Here, guests can enjoy special Ceviches, or Tiraditos and fresh sushi and sashimi. Plus cocktails made specifically by mixologist Henshin,” said Executive Chef Henshin, Hajime Kasuga.


“The distinctive taste of Nikkei is more about the ingredients, ‘shower and refreshing’. Because it’s basically having a taste that is fresh from lemon juice and there is a spicy sensation,” said Hajime.


As a restaurant located at The Westin hotel, Henshin Jakarta entertains visitors with live music performances during the celebration of the year. Guests will be invited to relax with a view of the skyscrapers accompanied by the strains of saxophone music as well as various beverage dish promos that can be presented by visitors to Henshin Jakarta.