Beautiful hidden beach on the island of Bali

Suluban Beach located in Pecatu Village, Badung, Bali offers exoticism a sea view that is located quite hidden behind a variety of large rocks. (photo: IO/Prive. Doc)

IO – Bali, a beautiful country with a piece of heaven, the appropriate sentence pinned on an island surrounded between the islands of Java and Lombok. The island has a natural and a very rich culture, which is one reason why the island is always crowded by tourists. There are several destinations of nature and culture filled with history that you must visit. One is Suluban. Suluban is a natural attraction which offers a unique view of the sea due to it’s hidden location.

Located in the village of Pecatu at the southern tip of Badung regency – Bali, it offers an exotic beach sea view which is hidden behind various rocks. Suluban word itself comes from the Balinese language, the origin of the word is menyulub meaning walking or passing through something. The name is adapted to the characteristic of the beach which is to arrive in the coastal area, you have to go down the stairs and down the hall or a narrow crevice between huge rocks.

The coral reefs even look like a narrow cave as forming an entrance to the coastal area of clear blue water. The Suluban area is not too extensive, as it is also covered with huge coral reefs. However, the beauty of natural scenery and the sea coast is extremely fascinating. The stretch of white sandy beaches has pretty big waves, perfect for you who love extreme sports like surfing.

To get into the area, Suluban charges parking of Rp 5,000 for four-wheel vehicles and Rp 3,000 for two-wheeled vehicles. Around Suluban we find many small stalls selling souvenirs typical of Bali, Surfing board rental and Mini Bar. Just a tip, during a visit to Suluban use special sandals or shoes to climb the reef so you do not slip when walking around the beach. There are three points that Suluban visitors can stop by.

The first point is passing through a rock cave that on the edge has a collection of very beautiful sea sand. On this location, we find many tourists, amidst the scorching summer sun sunbathing and playing surfboard. This location is quite hot during an afternoon visit.

The second point to enjoy the beach is in the middle place. On this location, you can see high coastal reef forming a large gulf. When visitors want to enjoy the thrill of high waves they can stay at this location. Do not forget to bring a camera and waterproof protector to capture the moment when the high waves washes over you.

The third location is on the south side of Suluban where we can see a group of rocks that are really stunning and in this area the sun is not so strong. Just make sure you wear proper footwear. To reach this location it is a little bit slippery. There is a medium-sized rock here that you can climb. Background waves are so strong that it can be captured with your camera.

Routes to Suluban
Journey to Suluban can be reached about 1 hour drive from Denpasar City. Distance Suluban from Denpasar city center about 32 kilometers towards south through the tourist area of Kuta Beach, Ngurah Rai, Tuban, and also the village of Jimbaran.

During the day the beach will be invaded by foreign tourists and also locals who wants to feel the heat of the scorching sun of Suluban by lying on the clean white sand. These moments are used by people around to offer massage services to the tourists. While local tourists who do not want their skin burned by the heat of the sun try to take shelter in the cave that is on the beach while watching the beautiful Ocean. This beach in late afternoon turns into a spot to watch the phenomenal sunset. These moments are creatively utilized by the photographer to take a perfect picture as the sun sets behind the horizon.

Besides having a beautiful panorama of the coast, around Suluban there are also several other tourist spots such as Uluwatu Temple which is only about 3 kilometers from the Suluban. There is also a Blue Point Beach which is an adaptation of a name of Blue Point Bay Villas and Spa. (Aldo)