Bawaslu confirms that there are 8000 election violations

The Indonesian Election Supervisory Board. (photo: Google Image)

IO, Jakarta – The Indonesian Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) noted that there were 8,000 cases and reports of alleged violations during the election. The findings have been followed up.

“The 8000 election reports and findings, resulting over 3,000 PSUs (re-election votes), PSL (Advanced Voting Elections) and others,” Rahmat Bagja, Bawaslu Commissioner, in the Trijaya, D’Condulate discussion in Wahid Hasyim, Jakarta, Saturday (9/18/2019).

According to Bagja, there were several recommendations made by the KPU and were not carried out. However, many cases were followed up by KPU. “Many case were followed up, and some were not, ” Rahmat said.

Bagja also received several reports about alleged violations by the Voting Organizing Group (KPPS). One of the actions is the existence of KPPS that includes their own ballots.

“About the KPU voted, put in a ballot box. After we asked, it turned out that are the disability ballot, and also the sick person that was visited, the ballots were taken and put in the ballot box. The rest were administrative and criminal violations,” Rahmat said. (dsy)